Bits + Pieces

Here are some bits of my life from the last week or so...

Moist chocolate cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream. Mmm. I was playing around with the settings on my camera so thats why everything looks a bit...blue. Ha.

My attempts at an 'outfit' post while watching the bf surf yesterday. It was so hot I ended up in my dress trying to tan! It felt like summer. Mmm, cannot wait for summer to come back. I'm already starting to eye things off for my wardrobe! However I cannot get my head around clogs coming back in. I think they're horribly ugly! Eeep.

Insight cardi
Sportsgirl Beret/Beanie
Minkpink leggings

Haha. Creative... or just bored?

and... MY NEW SHOES.
I walked into Rubi yesterday and nearly died. I was contemplating buying some of these off eBay, which would have cost about $100. But these were... wait for it... $40!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh so in love! Cheap cheerful fashion, oh how I heart you!


  1. Wow! Those shoes are awesome and such a great price. Where is Rubi sold?

  2. Thanks! Rubi is a shore store from the Cotton On brand and I think its at most shopping centres now. Maybe try the website for locations? :) x

  3. Ahh you got the leopard boots! I was eyeing them off in the store but was too scared to take the plunge. I am however in love with my swedish-inspired Rubi clogs. I am not a fan of the chunky closed in 90's style clogs but I think these are a cute, dulled down take on the trend.

  4. I saw those Rubi leopard booties online last night and have resolved to buy myself a pair next week - they are awesome!
    Love your outfit shots on the beach. x

  5. I love the booties! They are so cute! Do they hurt? I have tried on some wedge booties this Winter and they all seem to hurt my feet a bit!

    I love the beret you have on! I have a similar one from Forever New as well!

  6. Oh I saw take the plunge Velvet Bow! They look amazing just sitting with all my other shoes. So excited to wear them!

    Thanks Cate, so glad I had my camera with me to pass the time! haha.

    Bowsnhearts, the dont really hurt. I have a problem with my toes where they swell up from the cold and get very tender, so they hurt a little bit when my toes are swollen but besides that theyre fine! :)

  7. yay leopard (: loving your blog name!

    xx rena.
    visit sometime?

  8. Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet I LOVELOVELVOEOOVFLEOOEVOEFOEKFE THOSE SHOES!!!! We have NO NO NO Rubi shoes in Melbourne, which is shit.

    The beanie looks cute and I like the shots in the iphone.

  9. I saw them in Rubi too!!! Total bargain!! They are doing so well lately... real cute clogs, other wedges and cool flats in there!!! xo


  10. Yesssss, I love my leopard shoes! And I still can't believe they were only $40. Go Rubi, you good thing.


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