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Sorry for lack of posts. I've started working part time and my days are all over the place atm. I havent been wearing many outfits except for my sexy work uniform but I'll try to take some this weekend! (Woo for having weekends off now!)

For now I have a question thats bothering me and as I dont think it would be appropriate to ask on the vogue forums I thought I might ask here...

I'm planning a trip to NY in March next year - so 8 months or so away. I was going to go by myself but have been blessed with my fabulous new(ish) boy in my life who said he would like to come with me as he hasnt done any travelling himself yet. Our relationship is very strong but we have only been together for a little over 2 months and I'm wondering if it would be stupid for us to book this holiday given how new our r/ship is. One of my friends suggested coming to some sort of agreement where if the worst happens everything is handled sensibly. I'm a bit stressed about it all, any advice would be great :)


  1. You can't live life ignoring opportunities, perhaps organize it but leave paying for anything for a spell.... then it's not set in concrete as such.

    Plan and save then book after Christmas?


  2. NY will be a lot more enjoyable if you have someone with you. You could come to an agreement where even if things don't work out, you can still go as friends. I have a friend who still has a great relationship with her ex. Who's to say he'll even be your ex, it's likely you'll still be happy and together.

  3. Thanks for the advice girls. I 100% think we'll still be together. Just my parents putting doubts in my head haha. Great idea Mez! I thought it was cheaper to book things earlier which is why I dont want to leave it til after christmas... However I dont have any experience in booking trips so I could be wrong. I think I'll go have a chat to a travel agent :)

  4. oh i am JEALOUS that you're going to NY at all! :)
    and i think that would be sweet to go together :D
    loving the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  5. NY is amazing you will love it!

    I think just do it, if you know yourself you having nothing to doubt then why let others influence your decision.

    Good luck xx

  6. thanks rachel. youre very right!

    thanks margaret :)


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