Good Hair Day

• Customised Cotton On tee + mums old white blouse.
Mucking around with zooooom on my cam.

• Playing with one of my letters from Typo.'K' is the first letter of my name.
Cotton On blazer + Ladakh skirt

• I can FINALLY middle part my hair. Joy.
Looks a bit whack in that photo but oh wells!

• Old peace sign necklace + new cross necklace. I think I will be wearing these to death.

• Sparkly OTK socks from Target. $2.86. Ah barrrgain.

I'm off to see Tomorrow When The War Began. I'm almost wetting myself with excitement.
Wheee! Happy Friday! xxx


  1. You are so photogenic, I love that shot of you face-on to camera! I wanted that Cotton On blazer so bad, but they'd sold out in my size by the time I got into store, boo!

  2. Oh wow thanks for the award gorjuss that's just lovely as ever!!
    I have (grr) had no internet at home am hoping to get it sorted soon and blog a little more.
    Thanks for the great reads and piccies always sunshine :) MWA

  3. great hair babe! you look great with the middle part xx


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