Quizzes and Outfits

Went to see 'The Other Guys' with J on Tuesday night. I didnt really enjoy it. I feel like an outcast because I only find about 2 of Will Ferrel's movies remotely funny.
Anyone else feel the same? Please tell me there are more of us! Ha.


My hair looks odd here. Anyway, I just wore cropped velvet leggings, and oversized tee and my trusty lepard print cardi.
Leggings // Target
Top // SG
Cardi // ?
Ring // SG
And my new shoes from Betts! Yay.

I think I shall be living in them in summer.

I was also tagged by Rachel from The Blonde Leopard to do this quiz. Yay! I like quizzes.
She thought of 7 questions to answer.

1. What is your worst habit?
Being anxious, and stressing about things for no reason! Ha.

2. What is your most prized possession?
Either my T&Co bracelet, my DKNY watch (I got both for my 18th from family), my vintage glomesh bag collection or my patent leather lace up wedges.

3. Who is your favourite celebrity and why?
I really, really, really like Kim Kardashian. I know shes a tacky ho but I love that she flaunts her curves and she does actually have really good style and taste! Whitney Port, Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr are also up there just for being confident, awesome women.

4. Favourite song/s of all time.
23 by Jimmy Eat World

5. What is your dream item? (e.g. mine is an Alexander Wang Diego - like you didn't already know!)
I dont have a 'dream item' because I know I cant afford things and it makes me kind of depressed to think about it. Ha. But I would love to get a Chanel bag when I'm in NY. I know theyre copied so much but for some reason I still want one.

6. What was your New Years Resolution and have you accomplished it?
I dont think I had one... Hmm. I dont usually make them because I either forget them or never accomplish them!

7. What was your favourite subject at school?
I definitely didnt have a favourite subject. I liked art, but it depended on which teacher I had because some of them were so uninspiring it was awful!


  1. heheh Kim is a tacky ho... I LOVE HER TOO! She does tacky ho so well!
    I'm sorry but i like Will Ferrel!! Although i will admit, the first time i watched Anchorman i fell asleep!I really love that cardi ps. And your ring in the first pic.
    Not a poser you look hot!! x


  2. Owww!!! Jimmy Eat World's 23 is my favourite tooooo :) xx
    Fantastic outfit! I need to post. I've been so lazy! I need to show you my new tattoo!

  3. I love the Kardashians... Actually, this just made me remember I had a dream about Kim Kardashian last night!!

    I didn't find The Other Guys very good either...

    Thanks for doing my quiz xx

  4. i love those shoes from betts and also the cardi, hot!


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