Can Never Have Enough

Leopard print top from cotton on.
It is so perfectly sheer and big and floaty.
I will probably live in it.
I need to massively clean out my wardrobe. Eek.
I think I really need to cut down and be a bit more minimal. I have so many things I just dont wear. Plus my little rack of clothes is so very very full!

Pee Ess, I'm totally obsessed with Just A Feeling by Maroon 5 from their new album. Its such a beautiful song. I think its the new She Will Be Loved . So good!



I was asked to join aufashionbloggers.com
I had to put this photo up so I could link it to my profile on there.
Which, by the way, I think is a fabulous idea for a website!
Real post coming soon!


J and I went out on Sat night with some friends and got a little bit silly with the camera haha. The amazing necklace is from Sportsgirl. I'd been resisting buying one for a while but its just soooo shiny. Its almost like a top or something because it just dresses up any outfit. Needless to say I overdid the bling with the studding on my dress as well as the necklace but hey, I felt like going a bit OTT.

Dress // Dont Ask Amanda
OTK Boots // Kmart
Cardi + Necklace // Sportsgirl
Elephant Necklace // Lovisa
Ring // Rubi

Hope everyone had awesome weekends. Only 4 sleeps til the next one. Yay!


Mid Week Outing

On Wednesday night J and I went with his brother and his gf, N (who I was already friends with long before we realised we were dating brothers! Haha thats what happens when you live where I live. Everyone really does know everyone!) to a friends place for dinner. It was a test run for their engagement party where J is going to be the chef, so J cooked different types of pizzas and we all tried them to decide on the final flavours! It was so much fun. We decided on A tandoori/mint yoghurt/capsicum one, pumpkin and fetta, basil/salami/olive/mushroom and chicken/BBQ sauce/aioli/spinach (sounds weird but it was amazing!).

I wore
Cotton On top (yes it is the same as the grey one from a few posts ago! Haha)
Sportsgirl skirt
Rubi ring
Betts shoes
T&Co bracelet

I'm so glad its Friday. This week at work has been a tad stressful.
Going shopping with N tomorrow and then out tomorrow night, and then Yum Cha (freaking nom!!!) on Sunday for J's mum's birthday. Busy times ahead!
Hope everyone has lovely weekends :)


Breakfast On The Bridge 10/10/10

On Sunday, J, my mum and one of her friends went down to Sydney to have brekky on Sydney Harbour bridge! Mum was selected out of (apparently) 140,000 people! Only 6,000 were chosen all up.

We were up at 4:30 to get down there by 6:30am

J, Mum and I with our free gift bags. They contained Macadamia Nut Butter (nom!), an orange, a poncho (thank goodness! haha) and Nudie juice.
They put real grass down across the whole bridge!

Yay picnic time! We had berries, cakes, quiches, wraps and coffee.
Other people had champagne, nutella, brioche, cereal, baguettes, boiled eggs, salami, cheese... the list goes on! There was a bit of breakfast envy too. Haha.

Of course it started pouring about 10 minutes after we sat down...
It was pretty funny though. Everything got wet but then the rain stopped and the wind started so everything dried out again!

People in their ponchos, standing trying to dry out after the down pour!

Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

On the ferry...

We then had a wonder around Circular Quay and The Rocks before heading home.
Mmm Gelatissmo!

Hope everyone else had fun weekends!



Just a quick update, I know I've been super slack lately but I dont wear anything except my uniform during the week and then on weekends I forget to take photos of what I'm wearing (idiot! ha) so here is a new top I got from Cotton On, and lovely vintage necklace my grandma gave me about 10 years ago that I've never got around to wearing until yesterday! Its so gorgeous! I dont even know how to describe it, and the 'chain' part is this awesome royal blue coloured rope.

I saw this top aaaages ago and didnt think it would look any good on me, but it was only $10 so I thought 'why not'? and its actually the most amazingly comfortable and flattering top! I loooove when things work out that way.

I'm off to 'Breakfast on the Bridge' tomorrow (6,000 people eating BYO brekky on Sydney Harbour Bridge) should be interesting! Not liking the 4:30am get up to be there by 6:30am but I'm sure it'll be worth it. J and I are going with my Mum and one of her friends so I'll be sure to take many happy snaps. I'm pretty keen to have a day in Sydney, I miss it down there!

Hope youre having amazing weekends!



Yay for 3 days off! I think this is the longest I will get off until I go to America (got to save up all my leave! Damn) so I'm very excited. Haha.
Just a quick outfit post from the other night when J and I went out with some friends to dinner.

Blazer // Cotton On
Lace Top // Kmart
Shorts // Target
Shoes // Betts
Belt // Supre

Sorry for the rushed and awkwardly posed photos! Ha. I hope to take some good ones this weekend. Thinking about wearing these shorts again with my leopard print ankle boots to a 21st on Sat night. Hmm!
Hope everyone has lovely long weekends planned!