Mid Week Outing

On Wednesday night J and I went with his brother and his gf, N (who I was already friends with long before we realised we were dating brothers! Haha thats what happens when you live where I live. Everyone really does know everyone!) to a friends place for dinner. It was a test run for their engagement party where J is going to be the chef, so J cooked different types of pizzas and we all tried them to decide on the final flavours! It was so much fun. We decided on A tandoori/mint yoghurt/capsicum one, pumpkin and fetta, basil/salami/olive/mushroom and chicken/BBQ sauce/aioli/spinach (sounds weird but it was amazing!).

I wore
Cotton On top (yes it is the same as the grey one from a few posts ago! Haha)
Sportsgirl skirt
Rubi ring
Betts shoes
T&Co bracelet

I'm so glad its Friday. This week at work has been a tad stressful.
Going shopping with N tomorrow and then out tomorrow night, and then Yum Cha (freaking nom!!!) on Sunday for J's mum's birthday. Busy times ahead!
Hope everyone has lovely weekends :)


  1. another great weekend planned then! Cute outfit, got a pic of the shoes?

  2. Hi Sheri, thanks :) The shoes are pictured in a post further back.


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