Ahhhh been SO MIA lately.
I have been working 10 hour days (yay...) and in that time somehow managed to move my room around and re-organise my wardrobe. Cheering.

It once was a mess of too many clothes (sometimes 2 items hung on one hanger. BAD! And also things just randomly shoved in my closed instead of being folded nicely.)

And now, with the rearrangement of my bed etc I now have soooooo much room to stand and stare at my shoes/clothes rack which is lots of fun. I know. It's actually quite sad really but I do love my clothes a little more than I should (dont we all? I'll just tell myself that so I feel better about myself).

SO. Pictures.

Shoes all neat and such.

Lots of room for prancing about in various outfits.
Are we all loving the jungle outside my room? I dont. Theres about 50 00000000 spiders out there.

Behold the new bed arrangement (as FF would say)



NEW SHOES. AH. LOVEEEEEE. And yes I know what youre thinking 'Oh you tool arent they like your other ones?' to you I say, no, theyre about 1000 times more awesomer and more comfy and I heart them HEEEAPS.
Mimi Loves Jimi from General Pants. My mother went halves with me for them too! Cue more cheering.

Then on Saturday night J and I went to see Lior because he is J's fave singer and I wanted to surprise him for our 6 month anniversary.

We found a bar with $3 drinks and got a bit silly.

New 'LOVE' ring from Lovisa

I think thats J's 'i'm holding the camera and concentrating and therefore cannot smile' face. haaa

Was a great night :)


  1. Oh my stars those shoes are ammmmmazeabaaaalllllssss!!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM!!!

  2. I love wardrobe organising, we moved last weekend and the only thing unpacked is my wardrobe, everything else is still in boxes!

    The shoes are awesome, they look great!

  3. shoes and room look awesome!!! jelly bigtime!


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