City mission on Sat night.
This is what I wore... Nothing too exciting! Im in dire need of new clothes buuuuuut rego for car + other lame adult expenses + 21st + USA trip come first!

I wore the Ladakh bolero again, ha. Its just so much fun to wear!
Skirt // SG
Shoes // Mimi Loves Jimi

We only ended up going to Century Bar and Star Bar before we had to turn around and come home again because of the crapola gap in trains back to where we live. Boo! Next time we'll be prepared and be on the 4:45am train instead of the 1:45am! We were having sooooo much fun too, sucked to leave.
(in all honestly though, Star Bar was exactly like my fave club up here but bigger, and was still sick fun! Free entry is always a bonus too)

Then yesterday it was J and I's 6 month anniversary (not a massive milestone, I know, but we like to celebrate everything, no matter how little :) )
He got me this pandora:

And we went out to dinner at an awesome restaurant called Rojo Rocket. Its mexican based cuisine and the atmosphere is 'badass' as one of J's mates put it. Haha. It was amazing though! The food and cocktails were lovely.

I also had today off work, because where I work we're given a day off for Melbourne cup (weird as we're not in Victoria? Anyway I'm not complaining!) and we can either take that day off or up to a month after have whatever day off we want. So I've had a lovely relaxing 3 day weekend which has been probably the best weekend I've had in ages. Drinking, eating + dancing with good company! To top it off the weather was amazing Sat + Sun so yay!


  1. Yayayayayaya for LOVE!!! Happy 6 month anniversary ladybug. That skirt looks gorgeous on you.

  2. Loving the color of that skirt!


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