Target maxi knotted at knee, Alive Girl top, Zomp sandals, Guess mens watch, Temt bangle

I wore this on J and I's weekly grocery shopping adventure last Thursday night. (We dont live together but because we both absolutely love grocery shopping we've gone to get his groceries together ever since we started dating! haha we're a bit of an odd pair.)

Yesss 3 days til xmas. Super excited. And not even for the presents, but for food and good times with the people I love. And 3 days off work, thank goodness. Working in retail is definitely draining at this time of year!

Still haven't finished my shopping either. Woops.

And also, a big thank you to Nikki of Flair to Remember for the box of Ferrero Rochers too :)
Definitely made my Monday 100% better!


  1. Totally agree with you about Christmas - I cannot WAIT to spend the day with loved ones and eat lots of yummy food (and drink lots of champers lol)
    And I am sooo looking forward to 2 weeks off work, yay!
    Love your outfit hun xx

  2. Ferrero Rochers? Those are my favorite!! I have two boxes in my cupboard right now ;-)

  3. I love your top! And Merry Christmas to you from moulinfrock.blogspot.com :)


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