I thought I would do a '2011' post as I didnt do a 2010 one last year, and it's a really nice idea to look back at things you've done over the last 12 months.

I did 2 big things this year.

Got a job in my area of study/interest. FINALLY. I finished TAFE in June 2009 and I was honestly starting to freak out a little bit that I was never going to find a new job.

I have been there 6 months now and I'm so glad to have this opportunity. In the Visual Merchandising world it's amazing to work for the company I do now. I cant believe I've been there half a year already!


I went to the USA. A dream of mine that finally, actually came true.
And I'm so glad J came with me for the crazy ride.

LA, San Fran, Vegas and NY. I cant even look at the pictures now because it hurts. I want to go back so so so bad. The place is like an addiction. I think about it every day. I am hoping to go back next year. I sound so sad. I should probably worry about other things in life hahaha

Which brings me to:


I want to -
Improve and further my career
and either move to Sydney and/or travel back overseas, possibly for NYE 2012/2013.

...aaand maybe start acting like more of an adult. Eep.

Cant I stay 21 forever? PLEASE?!


Please tell me your dreams/fantasies/desires/hopes/wishes for 2012. Lets make them happen people!


I have a new twitter for the blog: teacupgrunge
and also instagram: _kirryn_



Today J and I braved our other local shopping centre to hunt for bargains (after going to our nearest one yesterday and coming home empty handed). J bought $90 worth of Spongebob DVDs. Hahaha. Yes we still love him at the ages of 21+25... *ahem*. I also finally found 'My Neighbour Totoro' on DVD and I'm so excited to watch it tonight!

I have heard such great things about it. It looks like such an adorable movie.

Sportsgirl knee length maxi/Sportsgirl sandals/Nordstrom anorak/T&Co ring and cuff, MK watch

New wallet I got for xmas. It fills the void of the $300 one from Oroton that I want.
Yes the leopard print obsession still reins supreme!
I just bought this for J's sisters wedding in March. $199 down to $99 with the cardholder 25% off, plus $10 postage = $85.

Bargain! I have been eyeing it for a while. I got a small and Im petrified it wont fit, but their sizing chart says a size 10 is a small? Eek.

Its 11% elastane anyway so hopefully it'll be ok.

Back to work tomorrow. Im loving the fact its only for 3 days and then I have 3 days off again! Hope you're all making the most of these public holidays :)




Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday, stuffed them selves silly and received everything they wished for!

My outfit for the day was a Bluejuice dress,
as well as new skeleton earrings and my T&Co cuff that I got that morning :)

I spent the morning playing with my new Babyliss Pro conical curling wand, theyre tricky to use but I love it. My curls actually hold now! Yay! Especially good for the messy/wavy look I'm going for with my hair. Speaking of my hair, I'm thinking about going back to the hairdresser soon and getting it lightened all over. The boy is against it "Brunettes are better!" (ha) but I really want to try being lighter. Im addicted to the idea!
Food from the day! Chocolate cheesecake made by moi. The lunch table (stuffing cupcakes, prawns, ham, turkey, potato salad and coleslaw). And I whipped up a jug of Sangira that went straight to everyones heads, which was hilarious.
Dodgy Bon Bon toys! Hahaha. My uncle and I modelling our moustaches.
(I had also changed out of my dress because I was hot and sticky hahaha)
When Mums half of the family came over for dinner the kitchen was covered in pots and pans and containers. We had ham, turkey, pork, prawns, vegetable curry, pumpkin curry, chicken curry, lamb curry and BBQ stir fry!!! Ahhhhhhh *food coma*
Then more cheesecake, tiramisu and ice cream log.
My Great Aunty, Grandfather and Grandmother singing Fijian songs on the Ukelele (a christmas tradition)

My vintage Oroton handbag. I nearly died when I opened this. I am so stoked! I have a bit of a thing for vintage handbags and this is an amazing edition to my collection.

Oh, Lola <3

Bodum tea infuser and Jasmine Pearl tea and Japanese Lime Green tea.
For some reason J and I decided it would be a great idea to go and have Yum Cha today, even though we were still recovering from our Chrissy food coma.
I was so happy to eat coconut jelly and calamari. Ohm nom nom.

We still have no idea what we're doing for NYE. Whats everyone doing? Do tell! I need ideas haha




I finally went and got my hair professionally balayaged/lightened.
I also got it trimmed so its more one blunt cut. I really like it and I almost want to go even lighter, I think it makes me look healthier! Haha.

Cant wait for Sunday to get here, I want 3 days to just chill out. This week at work has been insane, as we're currently trying to set up clearance. It's a mammoth operation.

Looking forward to eating and drinking and chilling with the fam!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas (if I dont post before then, which I probably wont as I literally will not have time! :(((( )

And I really dont say it enough, so THANK YOU all so so so much for reading/commenting/following my lil blog. It means more to me than you could ever know!




New rings and bracelets from Sportsgirl. The cross and the skull are from Lovisa.
I decided I needed a bit of fluro in my life. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect fluro green/yellow/citrusy nail polish.

I wore it to the movies to see 'The Inbetweeners' with my old faves that are always on rotation:
Forever New knit - Witchery skirt - Nique singlet

And now to introduce my current obsession...

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Pearl Doctor Bag... ahhhhhhhhhhh. I die. Seriously.

...and I just found it on net-a-porter......... for AU$500.................... whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido?!!??!!? Chrissy present to myself?

Its the perfect size.

Thank god tomorrows Friday, I have a 3 day weekend. Waaahhhuuu!




I have been given a 'Liebster' Award by the lovely Eve from Secret Garden of Eve.
Its purely for blogs with under 200 followers, which I like because I guess it helps us less known bloggers get ourselves out there a little more :) I am so very grateful, thank you Eve!

So as part of the award there are few conditions, these are:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
2. Reveal the five blogs you have chosen and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog

4. Request that people you have sent the award to forward it on to their favourite bloggers!

I would like to nominate the following lovely blogs:

Written by gorgeous Nicola, all about her sewing projects, starting up her own clothing brand/label and bits and pieces of her life in Sydney.

A blog by Reezy, currently covering her pregnancy, purchases, outfits and bits and bobs of life, as well as pics of her pooch, Spence!

A gorgeous fashion/lifestyle blog, filled with anecdotes from day to day life, and Flashback Fridays!

A fashion and lifestyle blog by Em. Her 'rambling' is always entertaining and a great read.

and last but certainly not least,

A fashion/lifestyle blog, featuring outfit posts and purchases by the lovely Rachel.

These girls thoroughly deserve this and I hope they can pass the award on to more amazing bloggers!




Finally got my mits on some red denim.
For the bargain price of $27 too.

Jeans - Glassons / Top - Nique / Capey thing - Evil Twin

Now I just need some leopard print loafers and I'm set.


The Death Roll DIY

You have all probably seen this on other blogs such as Bleach Black but I thought I would post my little DIY anyway...

I made me one of these:
photo from Bleach Black

Take one silicone iPhone case (eBay - $3.00)

Some spikes (spikesandstuds.com, about $10 for 40 I think? Cheap as chips!)

Measure it all out, mark spots and pierce with something pointy (I used surgical scissors)
Then stabby stab stab your screws through and screw the spike on top!

Taaaa daaaahhhhhh.

My parents think its the most ridic thing ever, I told them it was 'all the rage on the blogs' to which they replied, very sarcastically 'Ooooohhhhhhhhhh', complete with eye roll.
Ha. Parents.

My bro wanted to know how on earth I would fit it in my pocket. har har. I dont put it in my pocket thankfully.

I love that it is so solid to hold and your fingers slip in between the spikes so you have a good grip. I also put some tape on the inside to cover the screw backs so that they don't scratch my iPhone.

I love DIY. I want to order some more spikes to do a clutch. I just wish somewhere in Aus sold them because they take about 10 days to get here from the States. Wah.

Yay for hump day I cannot wait for this week to be over.



Last night I went along to the work Christmas party with the VM team from the city store.
I had to go straight from work which drove me a bit crazy. I wanted to change my outfit and fix my hair and I needed to moisturise my legs... hahaha I just sucked it up and went with it.

I wore a Sportsgirl fitted black maxi that came to my knees, Cotton On leopard print blazer,
JC Be Wells and Michael Kors bag.

I met up with Sam on the train and we headed to The Argyle
Smnth and Krryn.
We have a joke about how hilarious names would be without vowels...ahem

Hangover II photo booth at The Argyle. We took some other really hilarious shots but the other girls got those copies.

I loved The Argyle, it was like a really fancy pub haha.
Drinks were exxxxxxxy though. Of course. I wish I got photos of them but it was a bit awkward. We had amazing strawberry cocktails and jugs of Pimms and passionfruit and mint... ah it was amazing. Needless to say I'm REALLY broke now though... sigh.

One of my outfit options for last night.
Thought the leather skirt was too risque. Haha

Heehee. Bit of fun with Jez while he was eating dinner and the light was good.

I've actually been featured on a website! Yikes!
First time this has ever happened to me. I'm a bit chuffed :) haha

Max from pocketchange.com contacted me to ask for a few photos and a few words describing my blog. You can see it here. They also have a nifty 'tips centre' filled with tips about things from shopping, baking and gifts.

Hope everyones enjoying their Saturday! xxx



Today I treated myself to a couple of purchases. Totally justifiable because
1. I needed a new wallet and
2. I needed a sensible pair of black wedges that would go with everything - casual or dressy outfits.

I have heard bad things about Mimco's quality and customer service but I thought I'd give this wallet a go. It was 25% off, after all.
It has more card slots and money slots than I could use!
If anyone has any tips on how to keep it scuff/mark free please let me know.

Aaand these lovely sensible Tony Bianco 'Nasya' wedges.
So comfy and so practical.
I had the odd realisation this afternoon that they're the first pair of TB shoes I've ever bought.
I cant wait to wear them out tomorrow night :)

HAPPY FRIDAY! I cannot wait to Spring Clean the heck out of my room tomorrow.



In the last 2 days of our trip I....

Bought a new Cozzie - $89 down to $30

And popped Jez's Dreamworld cherry! Yay!

We jumped on Crocodiles

Tickled Tigers

And saw the Tiger show!

Also went on all the rides... except the Giant Drop. I KNOW I KNOW. How could we go to Dreamworld and not go on it? I am not keen on relying on that thing to stop. I convinced myself we'd end up like pancakes haha.

We waited an hour for Tower of Terror 2. Having been on Tower of Terror 1, I think ToT2 is much superior. MOST AMAZING RIDE EVER. I will go back just to go on that ride.

Here is a video for anyone who has NFI what I'm talking about...

You basically fly backwards at 160km/h (or something along those lines) up a pole 100m vertically. AWESOME RIGHT?!
It doesnt do it complete justice... the feeling of weightlessness when you get to the top and start to come back down is amazing.

Looooveeee! For anyone thats been on it, did you love it? Or hate it?