top Sportsgirl// skirt Supre// various accessories from random places// Zomp sandals

Quick outfit post. I wore this on a little dinner + movie date with J on Sat night. We had fish and chips on the beach and went and saw Black Swan (which was probably the most wacked out movie I've seen in forever. It reminded both J and I of The Machinist. J enjoyed it, I kind of thought it was all a bit too hectic, and you could kind of tell when the 'scary' bits were coming? I still thought Mila + Natalie were great though. As well as the lady that played her mum... CREEPY.)

Yay for Australia day tomorrow, so awesome having a day off in the middle of the week. YES.


  1. Cute top, I love the outfit! I can't wait to see Black Swan, although I am a bit nervous about how creepy it sounds...

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I can't wait to see Black Swan xx

  3. thank you ladies! black swan is creepier than i thought it would be, thats for sure. eek!

  4. Your blog is beautiful!


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