The List

American Holiday Style

What I plan on taking to America in EXACTLY 6 weeks time.
Hopefully it wont fill up my suitcase to much. I think closer to the time I'll cull it a bit, but I'm liking the way all the pieces should easily go together. Probably the most organised clothes I've ever put together! Mostly its a mish-mash of things that just dont work. Hopefully this is a sign my style is developing in a much more mature way :| hahaha FINGERS AND TOES PEOPLE!


  1. Love all these items! You're going to be such a stylish traveller! When I travel I take the daggiest and comfiest clothes I own, which I always think is a good idea until I see the photos.

    Hope you have an amazing time! I went at pretty much the same time last year and it was just incredible <3

  2. 1. You are so wonderfully organised
    2. Fabulous selection of clothes - really well thought out
    3. Hope you trip is fabulous!

  3. Oh exciting! These look like they will mix and match really well so good choice x Sushi

  4. Thank you lovelies!!!!! Its so good to know I'm on the right track.

    Jaztee, I have issues with organisation. I'll be so unorganised with work and study but give me bags to pack or a wardrobe to sort out and organisation is my middle name. Go figure haha.

    Aelie I saw your comment on the forums, I really really really hope its not too cold in LA still when we're there! Brrrrr.


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