A Milestone

Meet my new baby. I used my shiny new credit card to pay for it (scaaaaaary) but I refuse to let things get out of hand! I needed the laptop for one of my jobs so I see it as a necessity :) I have, however, copped it from some friends over my choice of getting a CC. I know people get themselves into a lot of trouble with them, but I dont see how its right to berate someone for getting one, especially when it's not (always hahaaa) going to be for 'silly' things (like an Alexander Wang handbag??????? Wait, thats not silly. Thats a necessity! ;) ).

Of course, I went mentalist with photobooth. I always loved playing with it on our big mac desktop comp, but its so much fun when no one can see the crappy faces youre pulling hahahahaha


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    I want a Mac Book baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd

    I'm not allowed a CC. It's my own self imposition because I know I would just trash it out on shiny objects of DESIRE hahahaahaa.

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  3. aaaahahahah my limit is only $1500 to stop me from doing such things!!!!! I had my own self imposed ban but then I decided I needed one. *cough* too lazy to save save up *cough* hahaaah. I cant wait to pay this off so I can purchase some designer goods... hehehehehehe.

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