Target dress circa 2008
Lovisa + some random shop turquise bracelets
SG Mediterranean on toes
SG silver sandals
(I think I was channeling Cameron in '07 when she wore that fuschia dress with the turquoise jewels?)

I wore this on Wednesday night when J took me to the restaurant he used to run. The owner wanted us to try out the new chef (who used to work at Aria!!!!! I dont think he could be bad if he used to work there! Ahhhhh!!!! Matt Moran!!! Aria Chocolate Tart!!!! Yum!)
The food was amaaaaaaazing. I really should have taken photos, dammit!
The owner asked us to come back next week because the chef's changing the menu and she wanted more opinions! Hehe. So I will try and remember to take photos if we go! (but seriously who says no to free 3 course meals?!?!?!)

We had a mezze plate and stuffed zuchini flowers for entrees, chicken breast wrapped in panchetta, and blue eye cod for mains, and strawberry shortcake and TWICE BAKED FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert. OMG. YUM.
Haha I'm drooling just thinking about it.

SO busy this week, already worked 5 days and got tomorrow to go. BLAH. Then one day off and another 5 days of work. Le sigh.

Merry Friday to those of you who do not have to work on the weekend! :D


  1. You look HOT!!! Is your man a CHEF too!? H is a CHEF but trying to get out of the industry to become a paramedic.

  2. your dress is amazing!

    target has some good stuff every now and then! i used to work there!

  3. Thank you girls :)

    I work @ Target atm, I just dont like to advertise it haha. 90% of my wardrobe is from there! lol

  4. He's done it for years, fine dining, top restaurants etc, etc. The pay is TERRIBLE. The hours are AWFUL. The conditions break my heart. In order for us to have a family he needs flexible hours with a good pay - he isn't going to find that in a kitchen. I'm appalled at the way they get payed in the kitchen in terms of weekend rates and allowances etc, maybe it's different where your bf is. Plus I'm sick of being at home until midnight... waiting for him to arrive so we can eat dinner. It's a killer lifestyle, sounds like you guys have it pretty good though. We just feel enough is enough. It might be glamorous to say your a chef but it's not glamorous to get payed the same rate day/night/weekend to never be able to call in sick because the kitchen depends on you and to come home to your family at midnight. The whole industry breaks my heart :( :( :(

  5. PLUS being the sous chef he worked EVERY weekend Fri/Sat/Sun night. We had no normal life...

    I'd prefer for him to be at home cooking for ME/our friends/family....

    I could go on and on and on about it.... because it makes me blue :( :( :(

    I'll shut up now.

  6. That dress really suits you. I'm trying to embrace colour!


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