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Outfit from Tues night when J and I went to see 'I am Number 4'. Which was surprisingly a really good movie! I am hoping they make a sequel. Although apparently the main actor, Alex Pettyfer, is being a bit of a douche (anger management issues!!!) so maybe they wont make one/wont have him in it :(((((((((

The skirt is from Target Free Fusion circa 2007... I love it heaps. I lost it for a about 18 months (it was UNDER my tallboy. Woops.......) I wore it to work exp at Country Road a few years back and was asked if it was Zimmermann.... hahaha. I was secretly a bit stoked. The skull necklace is from Lovisa and I decided to jazz it up with some nailpolish hahaha oh dear the things I do when I'm bored.

I finally jumped on the Ulta3 bandwagon, goshhhh theyre so good. The colours are awesome.
I have (left to right) pacific fever, blossom fever, twilight fever, gold rush fever, and also watermelon and wildberry so far!

I'm currently a bit stressed about my USA trip. My dad put the fear of god into me this morning and said that if the radiation in Japan gets bad enough it could drift across into America. Ahhhh! He's such a worry wart but I'm a bit concerned now. I hope its not likely.
...I guess I should just be thankful my house hasnt just been washed away by a tsunami.
:( I cant even imagine what theyre going though :(


  1. My dad's in the Philippines for the next 6 weeks. I'm scared the radiation could float there :/ :/ :/ I think I'm probably just being a worry wart though :/ :/ :/ I hope!!!

    Love the skirt, love that you lost it for so long hahaahaha and then found it hahahahahaa

  2. oh no :( i hope it doesnt float there either!!!!!!! my friends in bali for the next 2 weeks but i dont think it would get there......... such a sad scary situation.

  3. Love the skirt, swallows rock!
    Also loves your clothes hanger, I wish I had the space in my room for one so I could actually see everything I own!
    My BF was meant to fly to Japan on the weekend but changed his travel plans, I'm sooooo thankful now with everything thats going on that he didn't go!

  4. I love that skirt, I have the same one! ;)

  5. your nails look lovely!
    aah alex pettyfer, i do remember having a crush on him in the stormbreaker days! x

  6. Gillian, the clothes rack is the best thing ever!!!!!!! my last one broke from the weight of my clothes hahaahahahah. But its soooo handy. and it makes your room feel like a boutique!

    I cant believe you have the same skirt magickal goddess! I wish i bought 2 of them, the buttons are falling off, ive had to sew them back on! haha.

    EM, hes gorgeous, but the whole way through the movie i was thinking 'nooo hes got anger management issues! what a bummer!' hahaha

  7. I actually think that skull necklace looks way better with the nail polish touch you added to it. Very clever, haha! Also, I love your blog name x

  8. I love that skirt! That's funny that you lost it under your tallboy for 18 months! Luckily you found it!

  9. Thanks little shadow!

    hahah Tasha I know, I really do not know how it ended up under there :S

  10. I Liked your blog will come for more that is if you don't mind

  11. Cute outfit - and love those nailpolishes.

    As for the radiation - It's highly unlikely that it will go anywhere except stay above Japan (or at least this is what I've been reading)


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