Today's outfit for a friends 21st birthday lunch gathering.
Its absolutely pouring and has not stopped. The party is Balinese themed and was supposed to be out on the deck, complete with a band but I think we'll all be squished inside.
Im sure it'll still be a lovely afternoon. Her Mum knows how to put on a party, thats for sure. It's been in planning since January!

Top // Cotton on
Skirt // Glassons
Drapey thing // Alive Girl? I think?
Shoes (not pictured) // Kenji
Ulta3 'Twilight Fever" on tips and SG Elephant on toes

Tried to capture the awesome drapey-ness of this skirt. Its all gathered down the back too. Its uber flattering - I thought it would make me look like a hippo!

Hope everyones having an awesome weekend, mines been very relaxing, I'm gearing up for my 6 day week. Cant believe its here again already. Only 2 weeks of work left and then I'm on leave, I'm so keen to recharge and chill out a bit before the cray cray times in America.


  1. I absolutely love how you can find such great pieces in afforable stores. I wish I had your patience and talent for doing so :)

  2. I adore that skirt!

    Is it new??


  3. definitely love that drapey thing
    looking for one myself! x

  4. Thank you!

    vanessa, i honestly shock myself sometimes too. Things just catch my eye sometimes. and i find it very hard to spend more than $50 on an item of clothing so i have to make do! haha.

    It sure is Mez :) I was going to wear it on the plane to Amez but I have about 3 outfit options now and i cant decide hahahaha

    EM, ive seen some similar in Supre, the lovely CateG has one :)

  5. You look amazing! That skirt is so gorgeous xx

    PS: Yep, definitely check out Supre for animal-print drapey jackets for super-cheap! :D

  6. ohhh, a girl after my own heart, I love any animal print, but leopard the most! <3 <3

    I need to do an OOTD, it's been forevers. I might do one tonight, I have a date! Eeek!

    Much love xxxx

  7. Love this skirt, and the jackety thing - the whole outfit! Gorgeous <3

  8. looking great!

    anberlin are great aren't they?
    did you catch them when they were recently here?




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