New Loves of My Life///

1 + 2 + 3. The Jeffery Campbells. Love!
(Also bought the poncho cardi thingy from Topshop in NY.... so regretting not buying it in black. Thank god for online shopping hehehhehehe)

4. My Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. Its my first leather handbag would you believe !!!

5. Michael Kors small handbag. Kind of an impulse buy in Vegas hahaha I needed a small black bag to take out, I love it though it fits so much in it, its like a Mary Poppins bag!

6. Michael Kors watch. I needed a lovely watch and I'm so happy with it. The watch face is mother of pearl. Mmm shiny things.

7. T&Co necklace from T&Co in NY. So happy I have a lovely dainty necklace to wear 24/7 that doesnt choke me when I sleep with it on. baha.


  1. yaaaaaayayaayayayayaay that is the most GORGEOUS haul!!!!

    I looooooooooove the shoes and the bags and the neckla.... you get my drift...

  2. zomg. im gonna get a michael kors watch when i go to america!! freaky. lol

    and i love that cute little tiffany & co necklace! :)

  3. Amaaaaazing purchase! Those heels are to-die-for xx

  4. thankyyyyyyyy everyone :))))))

    krissy i was going to get a marc jacobs one but the michael kors ones were so puuurrrtyyyy haha

  5. Those shoes are to die forrr!!!!!!
    do want!!!


  6. Yay purchases post! Awesome buys hun, I love the bag and the shoes! xx

  7. AWESOME shoes!! they look fantastic, are they comfortable? not that it matters :)

  8. Zomygod, those shoes are amazing!!

  9. Wow these red wedges are stunning! love how you styled them! i would really appreciate it if you checked out my blog about muhttp://fultonjes.blogspot.com/sic thanxs :) xx


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