Shut Up and Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is...


What can I say? It is everything I imagined it would be really!
Lights, tackiness, fun, crazy people, extra large cocktails, money, shopping...

We stayed at Harrahs Casino, which is right in the middle of the strip.
J and I spent the majority of our spare time exploring a few of the casinos/hotels, shopping and just wandering.

On the first night we headed out with the group first to the big light show, where like a kilometre of roof is covered by this massive screen! Every hour theres a light show with images and music etc. It was epic. Then we went onto Palms casino, and the Playboy Club! Which was insaaaane. I didnt think anyone could just go in there hahaha (naive much?). There was an awesome outdoor deck area which had sweet views over a lot of the strip. The bunnies werent very friendly though :( boo.

Before all this though we had our 'surprise' where 2 people chosen by the tour manager got 'married' by Elvis in one of the chapels hahaha.

We went out to the Valet on the second night to get a cab to a restaurant (there was about 10 of us) and we jokingly said to the valet "Can we have a stretch hummer?" Just being idiots. The valet blew his whistle and round the corner came a bloody stretch hummer! Mentalist!!!!!
The place is crazy I tell you.

We went to 'V' Variety show which is great, so funny. And after that got in an even bigger stretch hummer/truck that was organised by the tour and headed to the Las Vegas sign.

We were supposed to go to Jet nightclub that night but half the tour group bailed because they werent really that into clubbing (weird for a Contiki group right? Haha. Our tour manager said we were strange, but 90% of us didnt want to be hung over all the time and wanted to actually make the most of the trip, which makes sense!) and without the 'male/female ratio' we couldnt get in. So J and I and a few others went off and did our own thing.

I dont know if I'd go back there, maybe for my hens night or something! Haha.
I'm so glad I've been there though and seen it all for myself.


  1. Oh my god it sounds and LOOKS like SO much fun!!! WAH!!! I want to go there NOW!!!

    Loving these travel posts lady.

  2. sounds like fun!

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/


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