Wont you save me San Francisco

San Francisco was next on our tour. We spent 2 full days there. Its a really lovely city, but so cold and windy! I was so excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge, we walked across it and went on a sunset cruise underneath it.

We also saw a baseball game while we were there (Giants VS Dodgers - serious rivalry!),
wondered around the various piers (and saw the smelly but very cute sea lions), caught the cable car and street trolleys, and watched the famous Bush Man scare passers by!

Its so easy to get around and really has a charm unlike LA or NYC. It reminded a few of us of Melbourne.


  1. OMG! I am doing this exact tour in August! I am seriously mega excited to read the rest of your posts!!! :D :D

  2. LOVE all your pics, I miss the US sooo much and would die to go back!!

  3. If you have any Q's krissy just ask :)))

    man i want to move there. god damn! i miss it heaps.


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