What I wore to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. ($44 for 2 movie tickets. what a rort! I would much rather not see movies in 3D and pay less. I'll never get the whole '3D' thing. haha /rant :P)

New skirt from Glassons (love the colour!)
Topshop cardi
Sportsgirl scarf
Target flats
(usual jewellery blah blah......ha)

I also added a little lightness to the bottom of my hair. I HATE HATE HATE my hair atm, its a shitty cut and hair dressers keep letting me down so Im very wary about going to one to get it fixed up. So I figured this was a way to give a bit of 'edge'... I was channelling Lily Aldridge. bahahahahahah :|

PS Yay hump day!

I reached 100 followers last week, so so so happy about this :)
Thank you everyone who reads my ramblings about nonsensical rubbish! Ha.
Yay! ^_^


  1. OMG $44 for movie tickets? thats ridiculous. u know how the price of movie tickets goes up every year, it makes me wonder if one day it will be a luxury to go to the movies.. like $50 a ticket. lol. sorry i just had to rant!!

    and i know what u mean about shitty hairdressers!! i have disgusting split ends but i dont want to chop off my hair cos i love the style atm!!

  2. ah i say EMBRACE split ends, they are a fact of life these days with straightening and dying. they should just become the new 'trendy' thing hahhahahahaha. and please do rant about movie tickets so i dont feel like such a psycho :P

  3. I hardly ever go to the movies any more, such a rip!

    Your hair looks great! Did you do it yourself?

  4. I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean last weekend and saw the 2D version because it was cheaper. I get a student concession and even with that it was about $16 a ticket, it used to be about $10 I'm sure!

    Congratulations on 100 followers!

  5. OMG that exact same scarf was at Susssannnnnn's and I bought it and loooooove it!!!

    I'm too scared to go to the cinemas.... I have a fear of the cinemas... I'm a tool but seriously I sit their convinced the roof is going to fall in and I have to concentrate on my breathing. It's best I just avoid the places!!

  6. hahaha wow mez thats something ive never heard before. im probably going to think about it the whole time im in a cinema now!!!!! and yes sportsgirl and sussan are the same company (i think...). how cheeky of them! its such a sick scarf though. goes with everything!

    man i wish id known about the 2d version i dont think my cinema was playing it :( massive sad times! i love going to the movies.

  7. btw Carpet Burns yesh i did myself.... you can tell if you see me in real life hahahahah its a bit dodgy :(

  8. Congrats on the big 100! Just stumbled on your blog. Also love the colour of the glassons skirt. Looks great!

    Gosh I remember when I was little, going to the movies and all you can eat pizza and pasta afterwards at pizza hut (how embarrassing) for the grand total of $10 or something like that. Those were the days! lol. My my times have changed.

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I think your hair looks fantastic xx

  10. DON'T hate the hair. It looks fabulous! Congrats on the epic following. I will be your 100-something. As for the Gwennie resemblance, I get that a lot. It is certainly a compliment! X

  11. I know! The movies is such a rip off these days! Love your clothes though!


  12. Great skirt, I love the colour!!!

  13. Lovvve this! Great findsss love :)


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