Outfit for todayyyyyyyy...
I havent really done anything today, just more fun online orientation shiz for my new job. Woo. Going to get some Thaaaai later though nom nom nom.

Cardi // Target
Top // Glassons
Skirt // Topshop
N/Lace // SG

I got the cardi on sale at Target because ALL KNITWEAR IS $20. YES. EVEN ONES THAT WERE $60.
Amazing. Ive also snatched up a few things for my new job (I have to wear all black. Its so hard finding nice tops that are work appropriate but not too business like!)

J got a new car so now I'm obsessed with the idea of getting a new (second hand) one. I just doubt whether anyone would give me a loan only working part time and such. Anyone got any advice in that area? I'd love to have a car to drive on the freeway that doesnt feel like its going to break up piece by piece. Eek.

Hope everyones enjoying their weekends!!!



  1. You're just so cute! I love today's outfit.

    Advice on a car, buy what you can afford. Don't feel the need to over extend yourself at such a young age. Your hard earnt dollars should be spent on clothes and shoes and nights out with friends and going on amazing trips with your boy... not paying off a car loan, you've got the rest of your life to do that! Just my three cents though, you'll know what's right for you.

    bf x

  2. Gorgeous outfit, you look fantastic! xx

  3. Thanks ballet flats theyre good points! I wouldnt get one unless I needed one... I know how much I can afford to pay back each week so hopefully It'll be ok.

    Thank you Cate :))))

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I absolutely love that Topshop skirt, I bought one off eBay but it was too small :( The necklace is stunning too! xx

  5. LOVE that cardi!!!

    You look toot sweet.

    I need a new car too.... :( :( :(

  6. aelie mine was too small as well! i sent it back and got a refund and the next size up :))) it fit my waist but my damn child baring hips were too big haha.

    im so over cars... theyre such a drain on the funds but so so necessary! grrrrrrrr.

  7. Lovely outfit! I really want a leather skirt, the boy finds them a bit strange but I might just come home with one then he will have to like it! I hope your car doesn't fall apart on the freeway!

    Laura - White Winters

  8. Ohhh haha yay I'm not the only one who loves Target!
    I bought this faux leather jacket from there last week for...wait for it...$18!!!
    Bargain central and it looks so good :)
    Your necklace is stunning too babe.


  9. that cardi is totally rad. in fact the whole outfit is totally rad. :)

    Oh P.S. your blog is totally rad too! hahaha


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