I got some new boots! So excited. Theyre not exactly what I was after but theyre pretty damn close and for $40 who could complain?

Outfit today with my new boots. Haha. Went to the local markets this morning with my mum and grandmother. The markets are right on the beach and it is the most glorious, amazing, cloud free and sunny day! We sat on benches on the beach and had chai + coffees. Perfect Saturday morning!

Cardi - Target
Skirt - H&M
Top - Target/Free Fusion
Boots - Wanted Shoes
Necklace - Tree of Life

I'm off to make lemon slice, from Reezy's blog :)))

PS... I want to know what other would do in this situation: I saw Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage shopping at my local Coles last night (I see her around every now and then) AND I reallllly wanted to say something to her but I was too scared. I feel like interrupting someone when they're just going about a daily task is somehow rude? (even if it is to tell them theyre awesome and a great inspiration) :| Anyways what would you do/have you done if you've seen a blogger you love in real life? Im interested to hear what people have to say.



  1. Maybe time it so that you end up behind/in front of her in line, and then towards the last minute be all, "Oh HEY! You're Nicole from ... etc" so that you can make a quick getaway if need be :)

  2. hahahahahahahah! I like that idea. I should just walk quickly past her and say "oh youre heaps awesome, k bai" hahahhah.

  3. I would be way too shy to say something too! But I bet if you did say something she would be really pleased and flattered :)

    I love those boots! xx

  4. Thanks aelie :) glad to know someone else would be too shy!

  5. woo i love anything studded! and aww thanks so much for your congratulations :D I put so much effort into that competition so I'm so glad that I won yayay!! xx opinionslave

  6. If I am honest I probably wouldn't have said anything if I saw a blogger out and about. Good luck making Reezy's lemon slice, I made some last week and it is delicious!

    Laura - White Winters

  7. I love that cardi!! Is it current stock?

  8. What a perfect steal! Studded boots are perfect for the winter... It sounds like you had a lovely Saturday morning- nothing like getting out bright and early on a sunny day! x

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