Its Heeerrrre!

After getting lost in the post my new MJ bag has arrived. Yay!
There were a few brief seconds where I lost my faith in online shopping (ha), but thankfully it has been restored. This bag retails for $695 in DJ's... and I got it for US$270. Could not be happier!!!

Excuse the facials... I may have been taking the piss a bit hahaha

It looks black but is a lovely taupe colour <3

Better idea of the colour of the bag... Love the work outfit. Yum :| haha

I am in looooooooooove with the inside of it!!!!!!! I almost want to turn it inside out!
So glad it finally arrived yayayayayayyaayy!!!
Best end to the week :D


  1. Gorgeous bag! The lining is awesome x

  2. This bag is so pretty and such a good price!


  3. I love it!! It is perfect for wearing on your arm too, sometimes bags loks stupid when you do that ha ha. Yay!

  4. Gah, its so gorgeous! Love! xx

  5. Hahaha so true about the 'wearing on arm' thing. I feel like a bit of a tool when I do it but I think for this bag its ok. Thank you everyone, I cant wait to take it out into the world hahaha.

  6. Such a nice bag! I love MBMJ bags, agree that they are mega overpriced in DJs, I could only ever buy online!

  7. wow you got such a great deal - gorgeous bag!

  8. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayayaayayayayayaayayayayaayaa I loooooooooooooove it!!!!!

  9. that is sooo lovely, I was so close to buying that in the blue colour. Perfect size & shape!


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