My new laptop keyboard cover. Love!
The local markets :)))
Ricotta cakes + banana @ the local cafe
Katy looking amazeballs (via tumblr)
Random nights out waiting for pizza + making napkin hats
OPI Elephantastic Pink
Kimmy also looking amazeballs... I'd love to recreate this look (via tumblr)

Hmm the theme here seems to be pink (funny I used to DESPISE pink once upon a time!) I'm in love with bright colours atm. We've just launched S/S 11 at work and the racks are filled with such amazing clothes. Cannot wait for the warmer weather!


  1. I didn't know that you could get keyboard covers, I now really want one! Where did you get it from?


  2. ebay and it was $6!!! so good! hahaha

  3. That keyboard cover is soooo cooool! x

  4. So have to hit up DJs for some bright inspiration!! I went out at lunch for some summery things to wear in Cairns this weekend and everything is drab, boring and no fun :( Bring on summer i say!

  5. Boo to that Nic! I thought everywhere had their new ranges out!

  6. It's warm and gorgeous here today... doubt it's going to last though huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuu apparently the weekend is going to be rainy and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    BOO to that

  7. Katy looks HOT. What an amazing pink, I want.

  8. katy is ridiculously hot. wish i could pull off latex outfits like her! ha.

    and major BOOOOO to that Merowyn!!! im scared to check the weather incase its going to be raining here on the w/e too :(((((((((

  9. Love that keyboard cover!! xo

  10. Sooooo much pretty pink!
    I love Avocaaaaa and the markets look so much nicer than my local, wrestling t-shirt and knock of ugg boots anyone bahahahaha?

    Also, ricotta cakes are sooo yum!

  11. Want to get that nail polish on my fingers - stat! Love the pics of your paper hats - tea towel chickens are my speciality.


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