Today my family, J and I went to a gorrrrgeous restaurant for a combined celebration of my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and my Grandma's 70th birthday.

entree of cured meats and pickled vegies

my lovely grandparents

the fam on the front steps of Bells
I feel like Khloe K when she stands next to Kim and Kourt in heels. Hello behemoth!

A small part of the gardens.

Blazer//H&M - Dress//SG - Shoes// JC - Bag//MBMJ

I finally wore my Jeffrey Campbells. In soooooo much love with them!!!
I felt amazeballs in them.
I also wore a new Sportsgirl dress I bought last week.
I love it when clothes make you feel like a million bucks.
Seriously does not get better than that.



  1. I love this dress! I'll have to check out Sportsgirl. It looks amazing with your JCs! x

  2. Super nice outfit! I'm so jelly of your JCs, I was going to wait til after my shopping ban was over and now the dollars gone down again. Poo :(

  3. I love your shoes, such a pretty colour!


  4. Ah, your shoes are to die for! Very cute outfit x

  5. You look a million bucks! Lol you do look seriously tall and leggy with the JC's on, love it!
    Love your clothes set up, if I had a inch of space for it in my room I'd be all over it!

  6. Thanks all! I was deadset shocked when I found this dress in SG, its not something i would usually go for either because Im not a floral person, but i just fell in love with it and the cut of it is so flattering!

    Gillian I would die without my clothes rack hahaha its the best thing i ever did for my clothes!

  7. You look haaaaaaaaaaawt!!

    Love, love, love that plate of cured meats - YUM.

  8. lol I thought 'Khloe K' when looking at the front step piccy of you tooooooooooo! alls good, she's the hot one of the 3 anyway ;p your grandma looks amazing for her age. Who woulda thought, 70?! no way!


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