Headed out for brunch with some friends this morning to have a good catch up!

Skirt// Ally - Top// Cotton On - Anorak// Nordstrom -
Novo black suede loafers and MBMJ handbag.
I loooveeee my new nail polish from Australis. Such a great pastel-y mint green!
I also bought a cheapy BYS matte nail polish. Its not very good though. Boo hoo.
(thats what you get for $4 I spose ha)

Had a weird situation with my friends at brunch. These are the friends I would classify as 'into fashion' and I would not be ashamed about them finding my blog. BUT.
One of them said she 'cant stand blogs'. Eeeeeeeeek.
Not too sure how I feel about this now.

You seriously never ever know what people are thinking.

Hope everyones having amazing weekends xxx


  1. I am quiet about my blog too, the only people who know are my parents (who wouldn't read it anyway), my sister, 2 close friends & Mr TPS

  2. How awkward for you!!
    Don't say anything to them about yours, I wouldn't, I'd be too scared!!!
    I likey your NP I'm going to paint my nails now :) :) :)

  3. Oh yeahhh I have that nail polish I love it! Sweet Pea it's called I do believe.
    No one is forcing your friends to read blogs, so too bad if they don't like them, their loss! Your blog is great!
    My friends dont know about my blog either, I like it that way x

  4. I don't mention my blog to my friends. ever. They probably know about it though through my jewellery business. It is a bit awkward. I like your blog and i think your friend would be supportive if she found out :) x

  5. Don't worry too much about what your friends think, seriously, who can't stand blogs?? I think that if she read yours she'd love it! x

  6. thank you for your kind words girls. im sure she'd be understanding if she found it, and would realise that blogs arent all bad! haha

  7. I love the colour of your nail polish! I agree with Aelie, I don't think I have heard someone say that they can't stand blogs!


  8. that skirt is awesome, great look

  9. I think I'm going to have to buy that nail polish because it is AMAZING! I'm sure your friend would love your blog if she read it though xx


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