The Beach...

- The glorrrrious beach!
- J and I
- My new peace sign singlet, DIY tie-dye denim shorts and bracelets
- Close up of bracelets
- Slushies to cool us off
- New Chi Chi lip stick. Its an awesome orangey colour and has great staying power (surprisingly!!!)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! The weather was amazing. Bring on Summer!


  1. Great pics! That lipstick looks so pretty, so summery! x

  2. What a fun day! Love the beach so much, can't wait to spend some time there :D

    Love the lippy and bracelets!

  3. Love, love, LOVE an orange lippy!!!

    What a gorgeous day at the beach, I've actually got the fan going in the bedroom at the moment. It's so nice to finally have pulled it out for the year.


  4. Thanks aelie and Reezy, I am loving the orange lippy too its something very different for me cuz I'm not a lipstick person!

    My god, Mez I had to get J to bring over his spare fan, my room was unbearable last night! Summer is well and truly on its way!

  5. lovely photos beautiful!! adore the lippy too!!



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