Set Sail

Yesterday I went shopping in Sydney with my Mum.
We were on a bit of a mission to find some colourful sandals for me and a new fragrance for her.

We had lunch on level 5 of Westfield Pitt st Mall. I had heard it was an amazing food court but it was like being in another world! It all looked so yummy. We had dumplings and soup from Din Tai Fung. I had ever intention of taking a photo but honestly I just get too excited about eating and chow down before I remember! Hahaha.

On the foot bridge to Myer looking through to the Harbour Bridge
(I was being such a tourist)

We had our nails done at the DJ's nail spa.
(OPI Simply Smashing)

And watched THE most amazing band. I may have blogged about them before as I've come across them playing in Pitt St Mall a couple of times. They're called 'Set Sail'. We grabbed their EP for $10.

This is a video I took of them yesterday. They also did a rad cover of 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' and some originals. I hope they put out a proper album soon!

Got my bright sandals! Actually purchased something from Zara in amongst all the chaos.
I kept putting them down and then walking back and picking them up and putting them down... they're not leather so it put me off a bit but they were about $60 so worth it really... and the colours are awesome!

Finally bought these too... I have been eyeing them for months. Finally wanted to buy them last week from Sportsgirl at Chatswood but they were all gone (that'll teach me for being so indecisive!) I had a feeling the Pitt St mall store would still have some and they did! I actually prefer the lighter 'Honey' shade but I know they would get ridiculously dirty so I bought the 'Taupe' shade. $44.95 down from $139. Reaaaally cant complain!!!

This was my outfit... sadly I cant find my camera cord so I had to take a photo with my iPhone of the camera display... DODGY. Hahahahaaaa.
Nordstrom anorak // Tophop leather skirt // Random brand top // Wanted 'Jolie' studded boots

Oh and yes I finally got me a pretty white iPhone. I was waiting patiently for the iPhone 5 but then, of course, my shite Nokia gave up on me about a week ago so I went and upgraded. So happy I just did it. They really are an amazing thing to have. I took the video and pics with it yesterday and I am absolutely stunned at how amazing the quality is!!! Usually videos sound awful when taken on mobile phones but it's like I used a proper video camera. I am in looooveeee!

Hope youre all enjoying your long weekends!!!


  1. Ohh I love the Zara sandals! What pretty colours.

    I've loved those Sportsgirl boots for ages, what a great bargain!

  2. Your sandals make ME want bright Zara sandals too! But then I would feel like a copy cat. Maybe I'll get them and just not tell you, bwahaha.

    I have an itch to be a tourist in Sydney soon... I love the city so much and although I spend so much time in it I just don't appreciate it! Probably because I spend so much time there!

  3. Oh feel free to copy cat! At least we'll both have rad shoes :) I'm kinda worried about the quality of them I'm scared to wear them out and about I don't want them to get dirty! Haha

  4. I saw those exact same sandals while in KL but decided to go for a plain black style instead (safe & boring). It's a shame they don't make leather! I'd be willing to pay a bit more for leather in zara.
    Re the Rubi wedge, it killed the balls of my feet then I inserted gel pads to the front. Fixed the problem nicely =)


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