T H I S W E E K E N D I . . .

My weekend in pictures.
Rimmel Pop! and BYS Matte White nailpolish. Gucci Flora. Wearing my Zara sandals for the first time. New favourite shorts in the whole world. Buying a bright necklace from Lovisa. Nights out with friends: Foozeball, singalongs, Gin and Tonic, Beer Gardens, glow sticks, glowing ice cubes, Live Music, puppies, guys putting on dresses, running through the streets, getting in just before curfew, partying til late in the 'man cave'.
Hangover cures the next day in the form of a bacon and egg roll and Vanilla Coke Zero.
Lazing about in the sun while J and his parents fished. Good times.



  1. I likey those shorts!!!!


  2. Love your shorts and those sandals are such pretty colors.

  3. love zara's sandals! always so cute. and awesome foot tattoo

  4. LOVE those Zara sandals! I just got on to matte white polish too, and it does look cool... I just stumbled across your blog and it's *such* a pleasure!

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)


  5. I love your shorts! Where are they from if you dont mind me asking?


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