In the last 2 days of our trip I....

Bought a new Cozzie - $89 down to $30

And popped Jez's Dreamworld cherry! Yay!

We jumped on Crocodiles

Tickled Tigers

And saw the Tiger show!

Also went on all the rides... except the Giant Drop. I KNOW I KNOW. How could we go to Dreamworld and not go on it? I am not keen on relying on that thing to stop. I convinced myself we'd end up like pancakes haha.

We waited an hour for Tower of Terror 2. Having been on Tower of Terror 1, I think ToT2 is much superior. MOST AMAZING RIDE EVER. I will go back just to go on that ride.

Here is a video for anyone who has NFI what I'm talking about...

You basically fly backwards at 160km/h (or something along those lines) up a pole 100m vertically. AWESOME RIGHT?!
It doesnt do it complete justice... the feeling of weightlessness when you get to the top and start to come back down is amazing.

Looooveeee! For anyone thats been on it, did you love it? Or hate it?


  1. Eeekk you're braver than me, I'm terrified of rides, and that one looks sooo scary!!

    I love that bikini btw, what a bargain! x

  2. These photos are super cute! I love that bikini!

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  5. I would have LOVED that! I think I went on Tower of Terror 1 because it was a while ago. I did the giant drop, HOLY SHIT ! I LOVE RIDES. The scary the better. My boyfeeee got nervous going on a version of the giant teacups at a school fete ;/ ;/ ;/ so not a candidate for dream world! WUSS!

    Adrenaline rushes are the best!

    Love the bikini!

  6. Yes the TOT1 was facing forwards and you go up the pole looking up. Still so scary! I really need to do the Giant Drop, it should probably go on my bucket list haha.

  7. OMG i got dizzy just watching that footage! I used to LOVE rollercoasters when i was younger.. not sure how I'd go these days though! WOW.

    It looks like you had such a fun time :)) Love your bikini <3

  8. Where did you score such a bargain on that bikini?! Love it! xxx

  9. Oooo love the print of your bathing suit! So cute :)


  10. we went to dreamworld in July and went on this. So much fun! I love scary rides!

    I did not like the giant drop thing though, feel like you're falling forever!


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