Last night I went along to the work Christmas party with the VM team from the city store.
I had to go straight from work which drove me a bit crazy. I wanted to change my outfit and fix my hair and I needed to moisturise my legs... hahaha I just sucked it up and went with it.

I wore a Sportsgirl fitted black maxi that came to my knees, Cotton On leopard print blazer,
JC Be Wells and Michael Kors bag.

I met up with Sam on the train and we headed to The Argyle
Smnth and Krryn.
We have a joke about how hilarious names would be without vowels...ahem

Hangover II photo booth at The Argyle. We took some other really hilarious shots but the other girls got those copies.

I loved The Argyle, it was like a really fancy pub haha.
Drinks were exxxxxxxy though. Of course. I wish I got photos of them but it was a bit awkward. We had amazing strawberry cocktails and jugs of Pimms and passionfruit and mint... ah it was amazing. Needless to say I'm REALLY broke now though... sigh.

One of my outfit options for last night.
Thought the leather skirt was too risque. Haha

Heehee. Bit of fun with Jez while he was eating dinner and the light was good.

I've actually been featured on a website! Yikes!
First time this has ever happened to me. I'm a bit chuffed :) haha

Max from pocketchange.com contacted me to ask for a few photos and a few words describing my blog. You can see it here. They also have a nifty 'tips centre' filled with tips about things from shopping, baking and gifts.

Hope everyones enjoying their Saturday! xxx


  1. I think I have the same Sportsgirl dress! You looked great, and I looove your shoes! x

  2. Wah you have Selena Gomez hair I am so jealous!!!!!! Hahahha!
    Glad you had a good night, I agree drink prices at Argyle are killer!
    The pictures you took of J look so awesome!

  3. You look hot! I hate being out all day and having to go straight to a party, you never feel your best. Though that said, the times I do go home I feel sleepy and lazy and don't wanna go out again :P

  4. Congrats on being featured! I love your shoes, I really want to buy a pair of JCs.



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