Body suit - Minkpink//Skirt - Ally//Shoes - Tony Bianco "Nasya" Wedges//Bag - Michael Kors

So as mentioned in my previous post I went to an 'African' themed farewell party on Sat night. It was for a guy I used to work with, who is Sudanese, and he is heading back to Africa for 6+ months to work with his dad. He will be missed! :(

He dressed as a Zebra hahaha. There were some hilarious outfits which I will have to post once they're uploaded to FB by someone.

I blurred out my face because I was all kinds of greasy and humidity had kicked my hairs ass. Ha. Sexy :/



Hello! Hope you all had a lovely Australia Day. We didnt do much, laid back lunch with some peeps and then some drinks in the sun... and rain. The weather was a nightmare! haha.

I have not stopped wearing my hair in a bun with ridiculous amounts of hair spray all week.
Damn humidity! :((((((

I tried out my new 'Light as Air' China Glaze.
(Excuse my awful cuticles. Ergh)

And Rimmel 'Pop' with China Glaze 'Twinkle Lights'

Finally got myself a diary today (for the grand total of $7.66!) I wasn't going to get one this year but I think it will help me be more organised. We'll see... I hope it doesnt end up in the bottom of my bag and never seeing the light of day *ahem*.

Off to a farewell tonight, the theme is 'jungle' but I'm so uninspired. I think I'll wear something leopard print (because we all know that's definitely not lacking in my wardrobe hahaha) and that'll be my little contribution.

Happy Saturdays!



On Friday I came home to a package, my mother texted me and said it 'Feels like bandages'
:/:/:/ Haha.
Anyway, turned out it was my order from The Glossery
Yay. 2 x China Glaze nail polishes, 'Twinkle Lights' and 'Light As Air'.
I put Twinkle Lights on straight away, and layered it over my fluro Miss Shop green/yellow.

I will be trying Light As Air next ^_^

On Saturday night my Dad was playing his first full length gig after his back surgery almost 2 years ago, so Jez and I went along to watch, along with some of Mum and some of their friends.
I'm so glad to see him back up there doing something he loves.

I wore Cotton On shirt (customised) / Sportsgirl skirt / Tony Bianco Wedges / SG clutch

Yay for oversized-clutchy-goodness!

As a rather crazy thing (for Dad anyway) there was an 18th at the venue they were playing at and Gina Jeffries (country music singer... not sure if anyones heard of her but anywho) was the birthday girls God Mother. She got up to sing a song and the band had to play along with her. Dad was pretty stoked I think hahaha.
Daddy's little bald head over the drum kit haha

On Sunday J and I went down to the local monthly markets. They're getting bigger and better every month! My tiny little town gets clogged up with cars and people, they even had someone there to direct traffic! If any of you live on the coast or are ever visiting when they're on, I highly recommend them! We even saw Matt Moran there with this family, sampling all the food! Haha. That was weird :S I kept telling J to go up to him and chat about cheffy things. Ha.

There's about 70 stalls and it weaves it's way from the shops on the main road, around the edge of the lake, and under the trees. It was a great way to spend Sunday morning.
Theres vintage clothes, jewellery, candles, furniture, live music, a 'wellbeing circle', meditation, palm reading, jumping castle, face painting, pastries, cupcakes, jams etc etc. I shall have to take better photos next time.

One more day of work then 4 days off yay yay yay



Scored this dress for $25 today. It's only of those shapeless, floaty numbers. I've been craving a dress I can just throw on lately, it's something that has been missing from my wardrobe. This one will fill the hole nicely. I dont usually suit shapeless clothing but this I think I can just get away with. (Hopefully!)

Dress - Mika and Gala / Necklace, Sandals, ring - SG / Sunnies - Cheap Monday
(I may as well go work there or something I swear 75% of my wardrobe is Sportsgirl :\ hahaha)




Hello! Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes :)))))))
I had a lovely birthday, I scored a couple of Sportsgirl vouchers (mwahahahahahahha) I've already bought a singlet and am tossing up what to get next. Eeek.

I also got a new camera yayayayayayay. Say hello to relatively decent outfit photos again! (Even though I JUST discovered that I can take them in my drive way by balancing my iPhone on one of our otto bins... ((as seen in the last couple of posts)) but anyway). I am a happy camper!

Singlet - Forever New / Shorts - ??? / Shoes + Necklace - SG / MK watch and T&Co cuff

Testing it out. I wore this late night shopping last night. I know, the height of glamour. Is it weird that I really enjoy late night shopping? Does anyone else?

Anyway hope everyone's settled in with a wine to unwind from this week. I know it's been a bit of a tough one for me!

Happy Friday!



J took me out for dinner on Saturday night. We went to a Tapas restaurant and the food was deeeeeelish!

random brand top/One Teaspoon leather skirt/vintage clutch/Tony Bianco Nasya wedges/Sportsgirl necklace

Close up of the clutch. I found it in an op shop years ago and used it often, but the cover came off. I was cleaning my room today and found it, grabbed my trusty hot glue gun and fixed it up :)

Corona and Mojitos

'Bulls Horns' - chorizo and mashed potato in little waffle cones

Chorizo with tomato salsa

Pork with beans and a tomato sauce. (it tasted too much like Minestrone for me! Ergh)

Chicken wings and drummettes

We also had a deep fried crumbed cheesy croquettes and fried haloumi. Nom. I love haloumi so much. Haha.

We were so damn full we couldnt fit in dessert. Wahhh. I was eyeing off the churros with caramel, choc and berry dipping sauces. Mmm.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I'm really devastated I didnt take a leave day for tomorrow (my birthday). I have never worked on my birthday before! Hahaha. Is that weird?
I think everyone should get a day off for their bday. Ahhh, in an ideal world.




Sportsgirl just got a drop of (what I think is) their first lot of Autumn/Winter stock.
I fell in love with almost all of it. I love just about everything else in the store too.
Its a constant struggle because there is a store between my work and the station, so every day I have to fight urges to go in and buy the whole store. I'm not kidding when I say I buy at least one thing from there every week. Its crazy!

Anyway these are a few things I just pulled off the website that I really love atm and would love to include in my wardrobe, especially for the cooler months. (Yes I'm thinking about Winter already and we haven't even had a Summer :/ :/ :/)

Jewel Tank

Swing Dress

Polly Animal Print Dress

Sweetheart Dress
Feather Tank

I've asked for a Sportsgirl voucher for my birthday so maybe with that I'll be able to go a little mental. Heehee.

I also bought these (from Sportsgirl, where else?) last Friday. Wheeeeeeee. I cant wait to wear them when it gets a little chiller.



Yesterday J got some wonderful news about his job so we went out to the restaurant his boss owns (along with the cafe J works at) for dinner.

I got all creative and made my SG maxi into a skirt.

and wore the necklace I got from Sportsgirl yesterday for $19.95. I could not believe how cheap it was.

...Sportsgirl sandals. It is at this time that I am realising I was almost decked out in head-to-toe SG. Ahem.

Entree: Prosciutto roasted figs with goats cheese and candied walnuts. I thought figs with all this savoury shiz going on would be weird but I was nicely surprised. DELICIOUS.

My main: Lamb, bean and pumpkin salad. (It had a fancy name that I cant remember... hahaha)
This was also nommity nom nom.

And dessert: Cheesecake and poached apricots.

Yum! Its my birthday on Monday and we're heading out to dinner tomorrow night. We're going to a Spanish/tapas restaurant that we havent tried before so I'm a little bit excited.

My bestie since Kindy is moving to Sydney in the next week. I dont think I'll know what to do without her living just 5 mins up the road. It'll be so weird. On a good note, she'll be living 10 mins walk from Bondi Junction so I can imagine I'll be heading down to do a few shopping adventures with her. So envious. I hope to be finding my own Sydney residence this year but we will have to wait and see!

I'm so excited to kick back with a glass of wine tonight. Mmm. Yay for Friday.




DISCLAIMER: I didnt realise I posted the previous post! ahahahahahah. Damn Polyvore!!! Confusing me with its technology savvy whatsits!

Hope everyone had a cracking NYE! Ours was so laid back it wasnt funny.
Also thank you for the love on my last post, I wish every single one of my readers a wonderful 2012. I hope everyones dreams come true!

We had din dins by the water...

Nommy Vietnamese chicken salad and our entree of Dim Sims and Satay sticks.

We meant to stay out to watch the fireworks... but went home and fell asleep. Ha.
Everyone we knew was away or was doing nothing so it was probably the most uneventful NYE ever. Hopefully we'll be in New York next NYE and will make up for it!

My CR dress arrived last Thursday and fits amazingly. I am so in love with it.

This is what I'm thinking of wearing with the dress to J's sister's wedding in March.
(yes I am a fan of planning ahead just a bit...... :| haha)

I would really love to wear these...
...but they are old Witchery stock. Wahhh.

The wedding is on a property so I'm thinking flats might be a better option anyway!
If anyone has any ideas/tips about accessories, and/or grassy weddings (haha) please let me know.
This is the first wedding I've been to in about 10 years!