Yesterday J got some wonderful news about his job so we went out to the restaurant his boss owns (along with the cafe J works at) for dinner.

I got all creative and made my SG maxi into a skirt.

and wore the necklace I got from Sportsgirl yesterday for $19.95. I could not believe how cheap it was.

...Sportsgirl sandals. It is at this time that I am realising I was almost decked out in head-to-toe SG. Ahem.

Entree: Prosciutto roasted figs with goats cheese and candied walnuts. I thought figs with all this savoury shiz going on would be weird but I was nicely surprised. DELICIOUS.

My main: Lamb, bean and pumpkin salad. (It had a fancy name that I cant remember... hahaha)
This was also nommity nom nom.

And dessert: Cheesecake and poached apricots.

Yum! Its my birthday on Monday and we're heading out to dinner tomorrow night. We're going to a Spanish/tapas restaurant that we havent tried before so I'm a little bit excited.

My bestie since Kindy is moving to Sydney in the next week. I dont think I'll know what to do without her living just 5 mins up the road. It'll be so weird. On a good note, she'll be living 10 mins walk from Bondi Junction so I can imagine I'll be heading down to do a few shopping adventures with her. So envious. I hope to be finding my own Sydney residence this year but we will have to wait and see!

I'm so excited to kick back with a glass of wine tonight. Mmm. Yay for Friday.



  1. You look amaaaaazing! Love the skirt and the necklace, it all goes together so well! x

  2. you are so tanned i'm so jealous! that food looks the best, figs are the bomb.

  3. What's the news?
    You do look super tanned, you look hot!

    Yay for Friday!


  4. I love that necklace it's so chic and you look really pretty. Great dress too!


  5. Oh thank you lovelies :) I am actually not very tanned atm, it must be the lighting in the pics! (stoked haha) x

  6. Like your temporary modifications to the dress. I purchased this necklace at SG today too. I agree great for the price. I like its nice and heavy.

  7. Amazing outfit! I love it! Your hair looks amazing all curled wahhhhh I need to get a curling tong!

  8. Love it, you look super hot! Congrats to J!!!

  9. Thank you girls :) Gill get one you will not regret it!!!!!! Although your hair might haha I think mines getting dryer by the second. Woops.


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