DISCLAIMER: I didnt realise I posted the previous post! ahahahahahah. Damn Polyvore!!! Confusing me with its technology savvy whatsits!

Hope everyone had a cracking NYE! Ours was so laid back it wasnt funny.
Also thank you for the love on my last post, I wish every single one of my readers a wonderful 2012. I hope everyones dreams come true!

We had din dins by the water...

Nommy Vietnamese chicken salad and our entree of Dim Sims and Satay sticks.

We meant to stay out to watch the fireworks... but went home and fell asleep. Ha.
Everyone we knew was away or was doing nothing so it was probably the most uneventful NYE ever. Hopefully we'll be in New York next NYE and will make up for it!

My CR dress arrived last Thursday and fits amazingly. I am so in love with it.

This is what I'm thinking of wearing with the dress to J's sister's wedding in March.
(yes I am a fan of planning ahead just a bit...... :| haha)

I would really love to wear these...
...but they are old Witchery stock. Wahhh.

The wedding is on a property so I'm thinking flats might be a better option anyway!
If anyone has any ideas/tips about accessories, and/or grassy weddings (haha) please let me know.
This is the first wedding I've been to in about 10 years!



  1. Did you delete the last one?


    Ok, for a grass wedding wear wedges or flats. Make sure you don't wear anything that will drag in the grass/mud... ummmmm take an umbrella to shield from sun/rain... you will most likely be standing so be comfortable.

    Our wedding is on grass, I should put my hot tips on the invite.

    Our NYE was laid back too we went to a friends but were home by 1. Woke up the next day with no hangover, YAY!

    Happy New Year shnooks.


  2. Oohh the dress looks great on you! I think wedges would be fine for a wedding on a property, you won't sink into the grass! Love those Witchery wedges, maybe keep an eye out on eBay? xx

  3. Aelie yes I was thinking about keeping an eye out on ebay! Hopefully some will turn up. I'll probably do flats though... J gets a bit funny when I wear heels cuz I'm the same height as him in them hahaha.

    Mez - YES. include your hot tips in your invites. I didnt think of the whole standing up thing! Comfort is key! Thankshhh very much :)))))

  4. The dress looks stunning on you and the food looks delicious!

    Happy 2012 :)

  5. that dress looks SO good on you! absolutely stunning x

  6. Yummmm food! That dress is so pretty, I love how the one shouldered thing is being sold in stores again. :)

  7. That food looks amazing! And I love your dress and the colour! Hope you had a lovely new year..love the blog!
    Hollie xox

  8. followed back ;) great pictures dear.. that dish looks delicious. and i love your dress, u look gorgeous. xx


  9. I would go for some flats for the wedding maybe some espidrilles or keep a look out on asos or places like that as thier summer stock will come in soon!
    I think you could wear a sturdy wedge on property ... or you could go for some embelished sandals.
    The dress looks fab on you too!

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