On Friday I came home to a package, my mother texted me and said it 'Feels like bandages'
:/:/:/ Haha.
Anyway, turned out it was my order from The Glossery
Yay. 2 x China Glaze nail polishes, 'Twinkle Lights' and 'Light As Air'.
I put Twinkle Lights on straight away, and layered it over my fluro Miss Shop green/yellow.

I will be trying Light As Air next ^_^

On Saturday night my Dad was playing his first full length gig after his back surgery almost 2 years ago, so Jez and I went along to watch, along with some of Mum and some of their friends.
I'm so glad to see him back up there doing something he loves.

I wore Cotton On shirt (customised) / Sportsgirl skirt / Tony Bianco Wedges / SG clutch

Yay for oversized-clutchy-goodness!

As a rather crazy thing (for Dad anyway) there was an 18th at the venue they were playing at and Gina Jeffries (country music singer... not sure if anyones heard of her but anywho) was the birthday girls God Mother. She got up to sing a song and the band had to play along with her. Dad was pretty stoked I think hahaha.
Daddy's little bald head over the drum kit haha

On Sunday J and I went down to the local monthly markets. They're getting bigger and better every month! My tiny little town gets clogged up with cars and people, they even had someone there to direct traffic! If any of you live on the coast or are ever visiting when they're on, I highly recommend them! We even saw Matt Moran there with this family, sampling all the food! Haha. That was weird :S I kept telling J to go up to him and chat about cheffy things. Ha.

There's about 70 stalls and it weaves it's way from the shops on the main road, around the edge of the lake, and under the trees. It was a great way to spend Sunday morning.
Theres vintage clothes, jewellery, candles, furniture, live music, a 'wellbeing circle', meditation, palm reading, jumping castle, face painting, pastries, cupcakes, jams etc etc. I shall have to take better photos next time.

One more day of work then 4 days off yay yay yay


  1. How cute is your dad?

    I will have to get to those markets, no better way to spend a weekend.
    I've met Matt Moran through work and let's just say... You didn't miss much haha

  2. What a great weekend! That's so cool that your dad is in a band!

    Love all those nail polishes, I absolutely love Twinkle Lights but for some reason I told myself I can only wear it at Christmas time! It looks great over different colours, I'm so going to try that! x

  3. The nail polish looks amazing! I like the glitter over the yellow. Holy crap you saw Matt Moran - jealous! xx

  4. Your nails look amazing! I love those polishes :) bandages, hehe! Ahh I remember Gina Jeffreys! That's so cool, yay for your dad :) xx

  5. Carpet Burns - I know someone who worked with him also. She said he was quite arrogant and very boastful :((( So sad when people from tv turn out to not be quite as nice as they appear!

    Aelie - it is SUCH a christmas polish! I didnt realise until I got it. I shall wear it all year round though, it's too fun not to :)

    Jade & Corrina- Thank you lovelies! x

  6. Great combination of photos! Love your blog,

    check mine out at stilettobeats.blogspot.com




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