Hello! Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes :)))))))
I had a lovely birthday, I scored a couple of Sportsgirl vouchers (mwahahahahahahha) I've already bought a singlet and am tossing up what to get next. Eeek.

I also got a new camera yayayayayayay. Say hello to relatively decent outfit photos again! (Even though I JUST discovered that I can take them in my drive way by balancing my iPhone on one of our otto bins... ((as seen in the last couple of posts)) but anyway). I am a happy camper!

Singlet - Forever New / Shorts - ??? / Shoes + Necklace - SG / MK watch and T&Co cuff

Testing it out. I wore this late night shopping last night. I know, the height of glamour. Is it weird that I really enjoy late night shopping? Does anyone else?

Anyway hope everyone's settled in with a wine to unwind from this week. I know it's been a bit of a tough one for me!

Happy Friday!


  1. I reallly need to find a pair of those SG shoes. They look awesome on you. The SG I checked didn't have them though unfortunately.

  2. Happy belated bday!!!! =D

    I haven't seen it in Sportsgirl myself but those shoes look exactly like the studded loafers from Topshop at a distance =)

    I don't do late night shopping! Maybe just once or twice a year during the post xmas sales that's about it. I'm exiting the carpark as others enter on a Thursday night.

  3. Awesome shorts!

    Hehe I haven't been late night shopping since I was a teenager (since I usually do my shopping in my lunch breaks!), we used to be total mall rats and hang out in the shopping centre on Thursday nights.

    Love your new outfit-taking technique! ;) xx

  4. Cool outfit, those shoes are awesome!

    Drea xoxo


  5. I love late night shopping! It seems to be less crowded and I am a night person in general.


  6. Those shorts are fierce - I want them. Haha I haven't been late night shopping in years. I miss it! xx

  7. Thanks girls!

    HAHAHA I used to trawl the shops in a herd as a teen too on Thurs nights. Oh the memories. Haha. I def dont run around the shops in an obnoxious group now, for some reason I find it soothing :\

  8. oh happy birthday lovely lady! stunning birthday outfit! loving those loafers in this post!!



  9. Ahh I love those shorts! Nice blog :) Following.




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