A few snaps from the past week.

Had J's sisters hens/kitchen tea/bridal shower on Sunday. I didn't take too many snaps as I wasn't feeling very well. It was a really lovely afternoon though. Can you believe the venue of the wedding had to be changed 3 weeks out? Insane. S was holding up extremely well though. The owner of the original venue has been working to find her a new one, which is good.
Still, last thing you need so close to the day!

Home made iced tea to combat the heat

Saturday night out and about


The finished product

New Napoleon lipgloss. I tried to capture how nice it is on, but photos don't do it justice. It gives your lips a really nice gold shimmer.

(Yikes extreme close up) Walks with J

Started reading these finally and I am in love with the first book. I'm up to past half way in the second book now and I'm starting to feel a bit unsure about it. Eeek.

And my Joe's wedges came! They're comfy and really lovely on. I tried on the whole outfit for the wedding, and I'm happy with it. I just need to find a clutch and I'm done.

Happy hump day everyone!




How I would really love my Winter wardrobe to look. I already have the scarf, the studded loafers, a leather skirt, and the jacket is on lay by (obviously not THAT exact jacket as it is Rick Owens and I definitely don't have a Rick Owens wage. Ha. It looks exactly like it though. Yay.) I have spied the perfect motorcycle boots in Sportsgirl (where else? I dont know why I bother shopping anywhere but there! Haha) So hopefully when I have the jacket paid off I can get the boots. I'm thinking they'd be perfect for a NY winter as well. I'm already planning things I can wear over there, I am cray cray I tell you.

In other news, I'm actually dying over this Aussie label known as 'WatsonXWatson'. I just saw a post on They All Hate Us that featured their AW12 collection and it is gorgeous!

Check them out here.

My 3 fave looks...

The vest is awesome beyond words! I really want to get my hands on the asymmetrical top and that cape.



The weekend flew by, as usual. Huuuuuuhuhu.
But I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I always try to make the most of the weekend! (As I'm sure everyone does).

Been hanging around models for too long last week obviously... erm, who do I think I am?

Thats better! Awkward is my middle name.
Forever New singlet/General Pants skirt (cannot remember brand and too lazy to check... ahem)/Havaianas/MBMJ baj/MK watch/SG necklace.

Nommy Strongbow on Saturday night. Mmm.

Haloumi and Avocado on toast on Sunday morning. I honestly need to get over cheese, I should not eat it, and I'm still paying for it! Ergh... Its just so damn tasty! #firstworldproblems haha.

In some exciting news (not exciting for those who follow me on twitter...)
We have paid our deposit on the New York, New Year Contiki and if we get the flights we want, will be flying out of here on the 28th of Dec!

Very excited. Cant believe I'm again going through all the same emotions I was going through just under a year ago. 10 months to go... and I'm trying so hard not to think about it too much but I keep finding myself day dreaming about it. We're planning on going NY > LA > HAWAII.

Wheee! Has anyone been to Hawaii before? NY in winter? Please give tips, especially on what to pack for clothes! It's going to be bizarre going from our Summer into their Winter :///




As I mentioned in my last post, I was helping with the DJ's Autumn/Winter Launch last week.
During the week I...

Overdosed on Starbucks.

Caught lots of trains and took boredom photos.

Had lunch and catch ups with my Uncle at Opera Bar.

Met a whole lot of girls, who were all doing work experience as dressers on the show.

Some of the models and one of the hair dressers.

My model Nick, who I 'dressed' for the 3 days.

Miranda within metres of me as she left DJ's.

... I managed to find this picture online with my stupid head in the background! Hahaha. Secretly a bit stoked.

The whole 3 days were pretty insane. It was a great experience and I'm really glad I did it. Seeing Miranda, Sam Harris and Montana up close was a bonus. They all seem like really lovely girls. It was a nice break from my usual working week, and I met some great people through it too.

Pics from the weekend to come.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!



Couple of selfies I took of one of my new tops from Shopbop.

Holly Tee/SG skirt/Lovisa necklace/SG sandals

It was $40 down from $189 (or something like that. Bargain anway!)
I wore the 1st outfit to shop for new work clothes and the second outfit was from Wed night when I went to J's sister's fiance's birthday dinner.

I also got a lovely Deep V-neck white tee. It's very sheer though, which is a bummer.

I have exciting news, which I did post on Twitter earlier in the week.
I am volunteering as a dresser for the DJ's Autumn/Winter fashion show next week. It'll be 3 days of mayhem but I'm pretty excited! Seeing Miranda Kerr in the flesh will probably be far too overwhelming for me :|||||||

Has anyone ever helped at a fashion event before? Any advice would be great!
I have helped dress a model once before but that was just one model and it was for a lookbook. I'm sure this will be VERY different. Eeek!

I am so excited to do nothing this weekend! YumCha tomorrow with the fam but besides that absolutely NO plans and I cant wait. Bring on Saturday sleep ins!
Happy Friday!



On Saturday afternoon I headed down to Sydney to spend the night with my friend J, who moved to Randwick recently. (above is a very zoomed in view from near her apartment).

The actual view from her apartment, with Centre Point tower in the distance. It's in such an amazing location! Lucky girl.

We got dressed up and went down to Coogee for dinner, not knowing where to go we stumbled across Sushigo, sushi train! It was delish and oh so affordable.

We decided to go and meet up with one of our friends and his partner in the city and see where the night took us... which ended up being Nevermind on Oxford St.

J's Wittner heels, my TB's, and my friends partner's 'Mandals'. Hahaha. I love it.
We ended up getting home at 4:30am. Eeek!

On Sunday we decided to walk from Bronte to Bondi, get some brekky and check out the markets before I went home. The weather was AMAZING.



The pool at Bondi. I nearly died when I saw this, the water looks amazing!
(it was only my 3rd trip to Bondi ever so please excuse any over-excitedness haha)

J and I playing tourist.

We popped into Bondi88 FM cafe for brekky. The menu was awesome!

coconut and pineapple frappe

'The Angry Mexican'

I am so much more excited to move down there eventually. Seeing where J lives and the lifestyle she has now has made me so incredibly keen. 10 mins walk from the beach and 10 mins from the city. Perfect in my opinion!

Hope you all had lovely weekends!



Sunday was an eventful day!

J cooked white choc chip pancakes with toasted slivered almonds, banana and syrup.
We then got a phone call, asking us to come out on a hired boat and go fishing for the day.
So much fun!

I got to wear my new Insight bikini that was half price. Love the colour!
(my stomach making its debut on the blog, and never to be seen again!!!)

Fishy! Dont worry, we threw him back. I kept trying to make him keep swimming because I didnt want him to die :( haha. I love fishing, but once anyone catches a fish, I freak out and I'm like 'PUT IT BACK IN! DONT LET IT DIE! AWWW THE HOOK WOULD HURT SO MUCH!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHH' J gets so frustrated hahahahahaha. I should probably stick to this:

Ahahahahaha does anyone else remember this game? I used to get so bored after the first round.

Big freakin' yay for hump day!