On Saturday afternoon I headed down to Sydney to spend the night with my friend J, who moved to Randwick recently. (above is a very zoomed in view from near her apartment).

The actual view from her apartment, with Centre Point tower in the distance. It's in such an amazing location! Lucky girl.

We got dressed up and went down to Coogee for dinner, not knowing where to go we stumbled across Sushigo, sushi train! It was delish and oh so affordable.

We decided to go and meet up with one of our friends and his partner in the city and see where the night took us... which ended up being Nevermind on Oxford St.

J's Wittner heels, my TB's, and my friends partner's 'Mandals'. Hahaha. I love it.
We ended up getting home at 4:30am. Eeek!

On Sunday we decided to walk from Bronte to Bondi, get some brekky and check out the markets before I went home. The weather was AMAZING.



The pool at Bondi. I nearly died when I saw this, the water looks amazing!
(it was only my 3rd trip to Bondi ever so please excuse any over-excitedness haha)

J and I playing tourist.

We popped into Bondi88 FM cafe for brekky. The menu was awesome!

coconut and pineapple frappe

'The Angry Mexican'

I am so much more excited to move down there eventually. Seeing where J lives and the lifestyle she has now has made me so incredibly keen. 10 mins walk from the beach and 10 mins from the city. Perfect in my opinion!

Hope you all had lovely weekends!


  1. Haha I totes use to play hockey in that park across from your friends place. LOL I love looking at blogs and recognising where they are in Sydney! :)

    1. haha Queens park? How funny! I'm the same, if ever anyone does a blog post about the central coast I'm like "heeey I know where that is!" haha

  2. You picked an awesome weekend to spend in Syd, how great was te weather?

    1. AMAZING! Haha, we were going to head to the Harry Potter exhibition but the weather was so great we decided to go to Bondi instead!

  3. Looks like a perfect weathered weekend!! Fab photos, that sushi looks delish!

    1. It was so. good! and 5 plates for $20? Cannot complain :)

  4. So glad the weather was good for you this weekend, it rained all last week and will rain all this week but at least the weekend was gorgeous!

    You should definitely move down here, it's pretty fun! x

    1. I know :( I work near the city and the weather has been so so so awful!!! Hooray for a sunny Sunday! I definitely want to move :) its where all the action is! And I'm sick of commuting! haha

  5. I love your neon yellow nail polish, do you mind me asking where it is from?
    Gems :)

  6. Gorgeous photo's! The water looks amazing!

  7. Move to Sydney!!! Go on!!! You wont regret it!

  8. I was at Bondi markets on Sunday too!

    I live a few suburbs away from Randwick, I got so excited when I saw this post!

  9. This post has made me a bit homesick and excited that I will be back in Sydney in a few weeks. The weather looks amazing!



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