The weekend flew by, as usual. Huuuuuuhuhu.
But I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I always try to make the most of the weekend! (As I'm sure everyone does).

Been hanging around models for too long last week obviously... erm, who do I think I am?

Thats better! Awkward is my middle name.
Forever New singlet/General Pants skirt (cannot remember brand and too lazy to check... ahem)/Havaianas/MBMJ baj/MK watch/SG necklace.

Nommy Strongbow on Saturday night. Mmm.

Haloumi and Avocado on toast on Sunday morning. I honestly need to get over cheese, I should not eat it, and I'm still paying for it! Ergh... Its just so damn tasty! #firstworldproblems haha.

In some exciting news (not exciting for those who follow me on twitter...)
We have paid our deposit on the New York, New Year Contiki and if we get the flights we want, will be flying out of here on the 28th of Dec!

Very excited. Cant believe I'm again going through all the same emotions I was going through just under a year ago. 10 months to go... and I'm trying so hard not to think about it too much but I keep finding myself day dreaming about it. We're planning on going NY > LA > HAWAII.

Wheee! Has anyone been to Hawaii before? NY in winter? Please give tips, especially on what to pack for clothes! It's going to be bizarre going from our Summer into their Winter :///



  1. I love that skirt!

    Eeeee congrats on booking NY for NYE! That will be absolutely amazing, I can't blame you for being so excited 10 months out! Can't wait to hear about more of your plans x

    1. Thanks aelie! I cant stop the butterflies! ahhhhhhhh!

  2. That's so exciting Kirryn! I've spent a christmas in new york and it was cold! you just need layers and a good coat and you'll be fine...

    We're off to ny in July this year so we'll be going from our winter to their summer, woohoo! x

    1. Oooh goody I can ask you for advice on things :) How exciting going in summer, you might get a real summer over there, seeing as ours has been such a flop!

  3. I did the New York New Years tour this year and it was amazing! If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

  4. You look gorgeous, I adore your skirt <3


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