A few snaps from the past week.

Had J's sisters hens/kitchen tea/bridal shower on Sunday. I didn't take too many snaps as I wasn't feeling very well. It was a really lovely afternoon though. Can you believe the venue of the wedding had to be changed 3 weeks out? Insane. S was holding up extremely well though. The owner of the original venue has been working to find her a new one, which is good.
Still, last thing you need so close to the day!

Home made iced tea to combat the heat

Saturday night out and about


The finished product

New Napoleon lipgloss. I tried to capture how nice it is on, but photos don't do it justice. It gives your lips a really nice gold shimmer.

(Yikes extreme close up) Walks with J

Started reading these finally and I am in love with the first book. I'm up to past half way in the second book now and I'm starting to feel a bit unsure about it. Eeek.

And my Joe's wedges came! They're comfy and really lovely on. I tried on the whole outfit for the wedding, and I'm happy with it. I just need to find a clutch and I'm done.

Happy hump day everyone!


  1. Love those wedges!! The colour looks awesome on you!


  2. Those tarts on the 2nd tier of the first photo are my favorite! They are so yummy.


    1. Everyone was telling me how good they were! I unfortunately didnt try one as I was feeling so queasy :(

  3. Oohh I love the Hunger Games! The first half of the second book is a bit slow, but it will pick up!

    Love those wedges, they look so comfy too xx

    1. They are so comfy! Thanks hun! I'm about a third of a way through the 3rd book now, so glad all the action is happening! Its reminding me a lot of the Tomorrow Series in some ways!

  4. obsessed with the wedges. fabulous post. thanks for sharing, love. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo


  5. Yum, all that food looks so delish :-) I bet you had lots of fun taste testing those cupcakes xx

  6. That poor bride! That sucks that the wedding venue had to be changed. Also I really really want to read Hunger Games, everybody in blogland is talking about it!

  7. I loooooooover those wedges and yo cupcakes!


  8. As a soon to be bride I feel her pain. I hope it all works out and meanwhile drooling over those cupcakes.



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