Couple of selfies I took of one of my new tops from Shopbop.

Holly Tee/SG skirt/Lovisa necklace/SG sandals

It was $40 down from $189 (or something like that. Bargain anway!)
I wore the 1st outfit to shop for new work clothes and the second outfit was from Wed night when I went to J's sister's fiance's birthday dinner.

I also got a lovely Deep V-neck white tee. It's very sheer though, which is a bummer.

I have exciting news, which I did post on Twitter earlier in the week.
I am volunteering as a dresser for the DJ's Autumn/Winter fashion show next week. It'll be 3 days of mayhem but I'm pretty excited! Seeing Miranda Kerr in the flesh will probably be far too overwhelming for me :|||||||

Has anyone ever helped at a fashion event before? Any advice would be great!
I have helped dress a model once before but that was just one model and it was for a lookbook. I'm sure this will be VERY different. Eeek!

I am so excited to do nothing this weekend! YumCha tomorrow with the fam but besides that absolutely NO plans and I cant wait. Bring on Saturday sleep ins!
Happy Friday!


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    1. I adore Lovisa too, its like going into a candy store! hahaha

  2. OMG how exciting! Sometimes I wish I still lived in Sydney when i hear awesome opportunities like that!


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