The last weekend...
On Fri night I headed into the city after work to once again stay at my friend J's place in Randwick. I swear it's becoming my second home! Haha. Seriously love having a friend living in Sydney though! Makes life a lot more interesting.

Obligatory getting ready shots...
Forever New top/Witchery skirt/Joes Jeans Brenda Wedges

On Saturday we went to Bondi Junction because we'd both been bitten by the shopping bug and our credit cards were sitting in our wallets whispering 'use me... use me...!'

I am so in love with this jumper. You have no idea. I may or may not have bought the pants...
ahem. Leather pants are definitely a must have for the season though! Am I right!?
I plan on purchasing the jumper some time in the near future.

My credit card has also been silenced. I think I'm going to have to freeze it in a cup of water.

J (as in boyfriend J, not to be confused with Randwick J) and I went to see the Hunger Games on Sunday. I was so excited! We had 5 teenage girls sitting behind us in the theatre whispering though. Argh. I actually havent encountered anyone being annoying in a movie before, but all they did was say to each other 'what's going on?' 'why is that?' 'who is that?' I was beside myself. J and I ended up moving. Soooooo dramatic of us hahaha.

Liiiiittle Sunday casual dressing...
Excuse my angry expression, I was actually standing there thinking 'pull some sort of natural face'. Guess my natural expression is angry? FAAAAAAAANTASTIC.
Bardot jacket/No name shorts/Dangerfield singlet/SG loafers/Glassons handbag (yes its trying to be a Wang and failing... hahaha)

This is what J does when I ask him to take a photo of my outfit. Sigh.

Wheee! I actually thought they did the movie really well. Obviously things were a bit different to the book but it was mostly all exactly as I had imagined it, which was weird.
Still cant get my head around Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna though... ://////

I have been so unbelievably tired this week its a bit of a worry.
Yay for Saturday sleep-ins.




We left Byron on Sunday and drove 4 hours back down the coast to stop in at South West Rocks.
J's family have been going there on holiday for about 30 years. It's a sleepy little town perfect for people who like surfing and fishing.

First we stopped at Minyon falls which was a 20 minute drive from where we were staying.
It has a 100m drop. Looking down into the valley from the top of the waterfall was seriously freaky.

Then we went into Byron one last time to visit this great cafe J and N had discovered the day before. It was called 'Top Cafe' or something like that. It was all natural/organic/pure deliciousness. They bake their own Sourdough there too.

Then we hoofed it off to SWR.

Sunset on Sunday arvo at SWR

There were Kangaroos everywhere! We saw some absolutely enormous ones in someones back yard. Like, would have been 7 ft on their hind legs. I was freaking out haha.

On Monday morning J and I, his brother and N, headed to Trial Bay for a Breakfast BBQ
The weather was awful but we cooked up a great feed.

The boys cooking up a storm

Brief moment of sun, looking from Trial Bay back to SWR

Trial Bay jail ruins

Feeding the ducks at the random man made duck pond

The water was the most amazing colour

View from the Breakwall looking back to SWR

We found out the bakery there does amazing coffee. Thank goodness for good coffee.

We stopped at Crescent Head on the way home.

Ahhh being back at work is the worst :(((
We have another wedding this Saturday, I'm probably going to have to wear the same dress again. I really, really dont want to as I think it's too soon. I dont have anything else appropriate though :( I'll wear different shoes and different hair I think.
Wishing I had unlimited funds to buy something for every occasion, but oh well.
Saving for America is more important :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am secretly loving this crisp, chilly weather.

PS I bought some (faux) leather pants........ I have to put my credit card in a hiding spot now.



I can has Tumblr...




Random brand shorts (I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT THESE. I WEAR THEM ALL.THE.TIME. AHHH love! haha)/Forever New singlet/ Zomp sandals (was wearing Havs but changed)/SG necklace/MBMJ bag/YSL arty ring... ahem... from eBay for $8.... :| :| :|

Went shopping with J's brother's girlfriend today to find her a dress for the wedding. (We were actually friends before we realised we were dating brothers. Haha. Did I ever mention that on here? Central Coast is TOO. SMALL. anyway...). We managed to snag her a bargain in Witchery.
I also needed a small clutch with a wrist strap, which I found immediately in Sportsgirl for $8. Score!

It's getting so close now, leaving bright and early Thursday morning. Very keen for a mini break from life!

Hope everyones having a lovely Saturday, how good is this weather?



Wednesday's outfit. I had appointments so took the day off.
I bought this dress 2 weeks ago as a total impulse, then realised it is an ABSOLUTE essential in my wardrobe. How did I live without a casual black dress for so long?!

She Doesn't Know Why dress / Nordstrom Anorak / Sportsgirl & T&Co rings / MBMJ bag / SG necklace/ SG studded flats / MK watch



(There may or may not be crocheted genitalia in this post...)

Hello! I experienced my first Mardi Gra on Saturday night. It was really fun.
On Saturday arvo L and I set off for our friend J's place. We drove through Oxford st at 3:30 and there were people in their ponchos already waiting for the parade! (dedication, the weather was not nice!). We got there about 9:00 and were still able to get a good view, which was awesome. The vibe was so amazing, so many people out for a good time, and so much happiness!

Cheapy $10 dress. Asos cuff.

J in her lovely wig that got A LOT of attention hahaha.


I painted glitter on L's face.

The knitted penises! Hilarious. I love how all the shop windows along Oxford st come alive with people and displays while the parade is happening.

Some floats.

So much fun. The street afterwards was cray cray, it was like being in a mosh pit trying to get through Taylor Square. We ended up partying away at the Beresford which was so. much. fun.
Hope you all had lovely weekends! I'm counting down the days til I head off to Byron for 'the wedding'. Haha. Its almost here!




And I may not come home.

Image via theyallhateus

On the 27th of December J and I are flying to NY. We booked today and I think I'm in shock that we're booked to go again so soon. It feels like yesterday we were there.
No more Hawaii though, it was just too insane to get flights so we're stopping in Fiji for 5 nights on the way home instead. It's funny, I'm going back to all the places I've ever been overseas. It'll be good though, I wanted to take J to Fiji eventually anyway.
Now I have to save, save, save! It's going to be a challenge.

Google Images

Meanwhile I'm loving the final Hunger Games book. Cannot wait for the movie.
Liam Hemsworth. Hello. Haha.

Too bad he's with Miley.

Happy Friday