Random brand shorts (I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT THESE. I WEAR THEM ALL.THE.TIME. AHHH love! haha)/Forever New singlet/ Zomp sandals (was wearing Havs but changed)/SG necklace/MBMJ bag/YSL arty ring... ahem... from eBay for $8.... :| :| :|

Went shopping with J's brother's girlfriend today to find her a dress for the wedding. (We were actually friends before we realised we were dating brothers. Haha. Did I ever mention that on here? Central Coast is TOO. SMALL. anyway...). We managed to snag her a bargain in Witchery.
I also needed a small clutch with a wrist strap, which I found immediately in Sportsgirl for $8. Score!

It's getting so close now, leaving bright and early Thursday morning. Very keen for a mini break from life!

Hope everyones having a lovely Saturday, how good is this weather?


  1. hahaha funny that you and your friend found out you were actually dating brothers!! small world. I just love your shorts! the leopard print is so funky and goes with your tanned complexion so well <3


  2. "Oh don't mind me just casually being a massive babe with my awesome outfit and what not!" Haha! GIVE ME YOUR EVERYTHING!

    I want a mini break wahhh! Bring on Easter! I might go to the Central Coast actually!

  3. ^^ haha to Gillian's comment! Definitely agree! You look amazing and those shorts are to die for. They're just casually way too amazing xx

  4. LOVE this! those shorts are too cute!

    and what a funny coincidence! small world eh?

    found the route

  5. Love the shorts lady.

    That's so funny that you were friends before... a small, small world it is.


  6. I love your shorts. I would love to have a pair like that. I feel like they're bold but could go with a lot of different things in my wardrobe. Great post.

    I would love if you could stop by and check out my latest outfit post. Xo

  7. I love those shorts - I seriously want a pair, I'm going thrift store shopping this afternoon so I might see if I can get a great pair of thrifted shorts.
    Gems x


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