The last weekend...
On Fri night I headed into the city after work to once again stay at my friend J's place in Randwick. I swear it's becoming my second home! Haha. Seriously love having a friend living in Sydney though! Makes life a lot more interesting.

Obligatory getting ready shots...
Forever New top/Witchery skirt/Joes Jeans Brenda Wedges

On Saturday we went to Bondi Junction because we'd both been bitten by the shopping bug and our credit cards were sitting in our wallets whispering 'use me... use me...!'

I am so in love with this jumper. You have no idea. I may or may not have bought the pants...
ahem. Leather pants are definitely a must have for the season though! Am I right!?
I plan on purchasing the jumper some time in the near future.

My credit card has also been silenced. I think I'm going to have to freeze it in a cup of water.

J (as in boyfriend J, not to be confused with Randwick J) and I went to see the Hunger Games on Sunday. I was so excited! We had 5 teenage girls sitting behind us in the theatre whispering though. Argh. I actually havent encountered anyone being annoying in a movie before, but all they did was say to each other 'what's going on?' 'why is that?' 'who is that?' I was beside myself. J and I ended up moving. Soooooo dramatic of us hahaha.

Liiiiittle Sunday casual dressing...
Excuse my angry expression, I was actually standing there thinking 'pull some sort of natural face'. Guess my natural expression is angry? FAAAAAAAANTASTIC.
Bardot jacket/No name shorts/Dangerfield singlet/SG loafers/Glassons handbag (yes its trying to be a Wang and failing... hahaha)

This is what J does when I ask him to take a photo of my outfit. Sigh.

Wheee! I actually thought they did the movie really well. Obviously things were a bit different to the book but it was mostly all exactly as I had imagined it, which was weird.
Still cant get my head around Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna though... ://////

I have been so unbelievably tired this week its a bit of a worry.
Yay for Saturday sleep-ins.



  1. i love your outfit in the first photo, you look amazing! x

  2. LOVE the Sunday outfit, and I wish my hair looked that good in a high bun!

    Haha my boyfriend gets annoyed too when I'm constantly asking him to take photos of me :P

    1. Sigh. Why cant we all have photographer boyfriends? Haha. I cheated with my bun and used a sock insert thingamy! :)

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