(There may or may not be crocheted genitalia in this post...)

Hello! I experienced my first Mardi Gra on Saturday night. It was really fun.
On Saturday arvo L and I set off for our friend J's place. We drove through Oxford st at 3:30 and there were people in their ponchos already waiting for the parade! (dedication, the weather was not nice!). We got there about 9:00 and were still able to get a good view, which was awesome. The vibe was so amazing, so many people out for a good time, and so much happiness!

Cheapy $10 dress. Asos cuff.

J in her lovely wig that got A LOT of attention hahaha.


I painted glitter on L's face.

The knitted penises! Hilarious. I love how all the shop windows along Oxford st come alive with people and displays while the parade is happening.

Some floats.

So much fun. The street afterwards was cray cray, it was like being in a mosh pit trying to get through Taylor Square. We ended up partying away at the Beresford which was so. much. fun.
Hope you all had lovely weekends! I'm counting down the days til I head off to Byron for 'the wedding'. Haha. Its almost here!



  1. Lovely pics!


  2. I love all of your outfits! I love your cuff - what a score from ASOS. PS - I want a knitted penis now haha xx


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