On Saturday J and I attended his long time friends wedding. It was a nice low key wedding (my first ever church wedding too), with the most perfect weather!

I went a little fuchsia crazy!
Lovisa necklace / Target dress (from 4 years ago) / Tony Bianco heels / Sportsgirl clutch

J looking like the most awkward human ever.
He has the best smile (obviously I'm biased but I swear he does!) and it's so hard to make him smile properly. Pfft, men. Any one elses boyfriends like that? Haha.

Gorgeous Livvy! It was her cousin getting married, however we used to work together so were already pals! I tell you, this place I live in is too small.

View of Terrigal from the reception.

I have lost my camera cable AGAIN... so there are no more photos for now.
Pathetic I know!!! I'm hopeless. I'm really hoping it turns up soon :(((

In other news, I have 5 days off this weekend! Wooooooohoo. Love having time in lieu!
Also love that we all get 4 days off, its extremely exciting. When I asked my manager if I could take my time in lieu attached to the public holidays her reply was 'When else does this happen? You may as well take advantage of it!' Ha. Best.

Hope everyone is fine and daaaaaaandy!


  1. You look beautiful! The fuschia on fuschia definitely works xx

  2. Beautiful photos! Haha my boyfriend does the same thing, he has a nice smile but insists on looking serious in every photo! Whyyyyy!!

  3. Terrigal is so pretty!!
    Oh my god J is the WORST at smiling in photos. he does this weird fuckin' grimace thing. like, just smile normally, it's not that hard!!!?! it must be a male thing haha!
    fuchsia looks so good on you, and i LOVE how big that clutch is!

  4. The dress is so pretty, such a lovely colour.

    And yes myy boyfriend is just as non-smiley! To make it worse he likes to pull stupid faces whenever im trying to get a photo of us. So freakin annoying!!

    1. Hahaha J has habit of pulling stupid faces too! I figure he must feel awkward about the photo taking. Sigh. I think the after effect of pulling a silly face in a photo is more awkward!

  5. You look amazing!!!! Cutest rings!!

    Oh my gosh my bf only smiles great for me but when it comes to photos he just can't make it work! It's so cute though :) xx


    1. Thanks Becky! Haha so glad to know mine isnt the only one that does it!

  6. So pretty!

    Love your dress :)

  7. I LOVE this, the fuchsia dress with the fuchsia necklace looks so so good together.

    Hehe my boy is the same, he hates smiling in photos and always looks so awkward, but he looks so lovely when it's natural!

    Enjoy the 5 day weekend! xx


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