I finally got me a fur vest. I had been bidding on a Shona Joy one on eBay, but lost, so I trotted off to Cotton On to pick up this baby for a mere $50.

I am head over heels in love. I have built up quite a number of photos of various ladies in fur vests, and I'm really excited to try out a few of the looks.

I already wore it last night layered over my Bardot jacket. Such warmth!
(ignore the pose... I was trying to get a 'moon tan'??? :| )

Here is some of my inspiration...

LOVE the idea of wearing it over a leather jacket

Why is Olivia Palermo always so damn flawless?!

Is anyone else in love with (faux) fur? Specifically vests? I think they're such an awesome way to spice up an outfit



  1. I think they're growing on me. I quite like the black, faux of course ;)
    I love Olivia's style.

    1. Yes, definitely black. For some reason it looks the classiest and the least like youre wearing some sort of animal! Haha :\
      Olivia is ridiculous. I wish I had just half her sense of style! x

  2. oh i've seen so many of these in the shops and LOVE them, but wasn't sure how to wear them!
    You've inspired me and I'll think I'll have to go out and buy one!

    1. Oh good! Haha. It took me a while to warm to them but after seeing photo after photo of ladies looking fly in them I had to have one! x

  3. It looks great on you! What a nice find!


  4. I don't know that I'd wear one but I really like the look of the longer ones (and of course, if Olivia Palermo is wearing it, you KNOW it's amazing!). PS - did you end up getting a "moon tan"? haha! xx

  5. Oh dear, your moon tan... My gutter mind instantly thought you were trying to tan your behind. Didn't help your legs were in the air I suppose. PS you look great.

  6. looks great on you! I've got a greyish one but I really want a black one still! x

  7. I'm still trying to find the perfect faux fur vest that won't look like an animal swallowed me. Quite like the one in Witchery but darn their sizing is massive! The Cotton On vest looks snug on you, I'll have to check it out!


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