Today was the day my brother decided to hurl himself from a plane.
So off we went to the Hunter Valley. 

Snippets of outfit. Yes I caved and bought the Isabel Marant fakes from Rubi for $25. Theyre so comfy!
Grandmothers jacket/cardigan / Imprint top / Subtitled leather pants / Diva, T&Co bracelets and Michael Kors watch / Rubi shoes 
Getting ready for take off! I took pics of him landing but my stupid camera battery died! Wah. It was crazy watching the sky divers all appear through the clouds. I dont think I could ever do it, I'm very happy with my feet on the ground, but he absolutely loved it. The other guy that was doing it had only been told by his girlfriend about 5 minutes before they pulled up! His gf pretended they were going to a birthday brekky. What an insane birthday surprise that would have been! "Hey babe, so, we're not really going to brekky, you're actually jumping out of a plane..."
:| :| :|
I. Would. Die.

After all that fun and excitement we went to Potters Brewery for a quick bite to eat.
Nommy chicken caesar salad and lemon lime bitters. Mmm.

That was my Saturday! Think I'm going to do some baking tonight. And experimenting!
Kind of excited. I must be getting old.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far 


  1. Omg I couldn't do it! D and my bro have both done it. It's for crazy people I think!

    I was a potters last weekend, was lovely sitting in the sun.

    Happy Saturday, enjoy your baking tonight x

  2. How exciting!!!
    I took J skydiving for his 21st, and it was SO MUCH FUN.
    (short plug: I blogged about it here: http://coffeefashionlaughterlove.blogspot.com.au/2010/09/skydiving.html)

    It's so much fun and something I think everyone should do!!

    Also that caesar salad looks AMAZINGGGGG

  3. great piccies! i love instagram so much! my biggest obsesh! xx

  4. EEEEEEEEK!!! Oh. My. God. I need those fake Isabel Marant's!! They look amazing. Whoa, bugger jumping out of a plane! But I bet your bro absolutely loved it. Mmm that salad looks delicious (although i don't eat chicken anymore, I do remember the excitement of finding an amazing chicken caeser salad!) xx

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