J and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday, so yesterday we had a little celebration.
We headed off to the shops for ingredients for dinner.

Sportsgirl jumper - Nique singlet - Topshop leather skirt - Sportsgirl studded flats - ASOS scarf

I rugged up in J's ASOS scarf. 

Shades of grey

BY THE WAY, has anyone read those books!?
I'm up to the second one, Fifty Shades Darker. They are full on and intense but the way the 2 main characters interact is really interesting. There's also a bit of thrill and mystery in there too. I'm enjoying them.

Anywho. We didnt do gifts this time around. Too busy saving for New York New Year. But I did request J to make me a meal. 

Please excuse how unappetising this looks. These were chicken, leek and potato pies. THEY WERE SO GOOD (but so simple!), I don't know how he does it. 

He also cooked up a Sticky Date Pudding and Butterscotch sauce. 
Honestly best SDP I have ever had. I know I'm biased but still... haha.

We also decided to pop the Veuve I was given last year.

Um. I thought it tasted like any old cheap champagne... clearly I have no class. Am I missing something?

And this here is the proof of my lack of class. I turned the 'ice bucket' from the box into a fancy hat.
Yep, 22 going on 12.

Hope you're all having a lovely week.


  1. Champagne always tastes the same to me too :(

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one haha x

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Cute outfit BTW!

    I seriously want sticky date pudding now - you are evil.

    1. Thank you Nic! I am sorry to expose you to the wonders of SDP but I just had to share the love haha. Too good not to share xxx

  3. I LOVE Veuve you cray cray!!!

    Can't believe you love bugs have been together for 2 years!!! Crazy!! I remember when you first got together.

    Here's to many more years of love!


    1. Hahaha I know! I just have no class. Maybe when I'm older and more refined I'll appreciate it. I cant believe you remember when we got together! Heehee. Time has flown! x

  4. happy anniversary Kirryn & J! That pie looks seriously good. and i seriously don't really like pies.


  5. Thank you! I swear that pie could convert even the biggest hater of pies. It was so good I didnt need sauce with it. I think that says it all haha x

  6. haha! Happy anniversary you two love birds!
    You look so cosy! Love the scarf.
    Good hearty food. I love a good pie, especially love a good sticky date! YUM!!

  7. happy anniversary guys! <3

    haha you're so cute with that ice bucket x

  8. Love your outfit. Congrats on your two year anniversary!

    As for Vueve....is it wrong that I like Passion Pop better? *shame* I do have to say Bollinger is my fave.

  9. Congrats on the anniversary!!

    That pie looks delish, nothing beats a nice home cooked meal by a loved one x

  10. oh you so sirry- i love veuve!
    it almost my favourite behind perrier jouët!
    the pie looks amazing. i miss pies!! gluten fee pastry is a hideous cruel mockery.

  11. p.s. omg you need to tell your bf that he is responsible for making me FAT FAT FAT.
    i am baking my second SDP for the week.
    i'm faaaaaaaaat.

  12. I have that SG jumper - love it! I want a second one but can't find it anymore - typical.

    Congrats on the anniversary - it goes so fast doesn't it!

  13. hi i've just discovered your blog, it is such a fun read :)
    and i feel EXACTLY the same about veuve.. dont get the hype? the only champagne i've ever really liked has been taittinger. but still champers will never be my drink of choice, cocktails all the way!

    mimi x


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