Can't believe how fast this week is flying by... actually cant believe how fast this month is flying by!
Its only 161 days til America. Haha. Not that I'm counting...

 J surprised me with a random eBay purchase lat week - a $1.50 candy skull ring. Haha.
I think it's kind of cute.

Just Jeans leather jacket - Lee Jumper - Unknown Shirt - Glassons Leggings - Lipstik Boots - Lovisa Necklace - Rimmel Limealicious Nailpolish

On Sunday night we went to dinner with some of J's friends. I threw on multiple layers for warmth.

Free Fusion Jumper - Kenji Coat

I threw basically the same thing on for dinner last night with some friends. BUT with my new Kenji coat over the top, that was $120 > $70 then a further 40% off. I was so stoked at the register!
It's perfect for America as it's got a bit of room for layering. The other coats I own are tight with just one layer underneath. It's got leather detailing over the pockets and around the wrists. It's also a great length and wool. Win.

Can you tell I'm stuck in a rut outfit wise? Haha I promise I'll start being more creative!



  1. hey don't fix what ain't broken! I love your outfits, especially that spike necklace.

    awesome nail polish! xx

  2. I love that leather jacket - i really wish I'd bought one at JJ! x

  3. Hey ring for a bargain that's just great! Good luck!


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